Roundtable: Learn how cities are building the foundations for smart city success

Roundtable: Learn how cities are building the foundations for smart city success

Openness represents the next key phase for smart cities. An open architecture, platform and culture support faster, more-informed decisions, significant cost-savings and greater agility and autonomy for what the future may bring.


Pioneering cities and their partners are already demonstrating this in action and some are even looking ahead to more advanced initiatives such as data monetisation, made possible by open and interoperable systems as well as technologies such as blockchain.


Learn more about the experience of Swiss utility company AEM. This case study outlines an approach which could be replicated by cities directly as well as serving as an example of innovative new partnership opportunities between cities, utility companies and technology vendors.


Foundations for advanced applications


AEM has pioneered a smart grid covering its entire basin in Ticino Canton, Switzerland. The implementation of an interoperable network platform is paving the way for innovative applications and services, from smart metering to smart lighting, up to parking management, traffic video surveillance, public Wi-Fi and many others, to be developed in collaboration with local municipalities. Further, it opens new opportunities for advanced initiatives such as urban data monetisation, which AEM is now exploring.


Get your questions answered directing in this frank, intimate roundtable settings. Share your ideas and make new contacts to accelerate progress in your city.


If you work for a city or regional authority, or utility, and are in Barcelona for Smart City Expo World Congress, then why not join us for this breakfast round table? This event takes place directly opposite the Expo and requires just an 90mins of your time before the Expo opens.


Registration is free, however delegate will need to work for city, local or state government. Applications will be approved by an event curator.


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Agenda for the Day:

08.00 – 08.30: Registration, Breakfast & Networking


08.30 – 08.40: Welcome, Introductions


08.40 – 08.55: Building foundations for Smart City success: from cost savings to data monetisation


08.55 - 09.25: Roundtable Discussion


09.25 – 09.30: Summary


09.30 onwards: Escort to Smart City Expo World Congress



Venue: Hotel Porta Fira (opposite Smart City Expo World Congress), Plaza Europa, 45 – 08908 – Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Venue: Hotel Porta Fira (opposite Smart City Expo World Congress), Plaza Europa, 45 – 08908 – Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
Introduction and Keynote

Roundtable Discussions

In advance of the roundtable, SmartCitiesWorld's will provide all guests wth a spotlight on how interoperability has worked in cities across the world. Sarah Wray, Editor of SmartCitiesWorld, will then set the scene for the breakfast roundtable and introduce our guests speakers who will talk through a project in the Massagno, Switzerland amongst others.


We will look at a number of initiatives and discuss the issues, challenges and learning that other cities can take away.


Delegates will have a chance to give their own views and to ask questions throughout this session - making it as interactive as possible!

Guest - Paolo Rossi

Guest - Paolo Rossi

Name: Paolo Rossi

Title: Director

Company: AEM







CEO of the Swiss utility AEM SA, which is developing the first Swiss commercial “Smart Grid” and it’s testing the introduction of new markets tool, including blockchain.


Chairman and General Manager (from 2013) of the Greek wind farm Anemos Makedonias and Aiolos & Fthiotida.

Guest - Gianni Minetti 

Guest - Gianni Minetti 

Name: Gianni Minetti

Title: CEO

Company: Paradox Engineering







Passionate and eclectic technology expert, Gianni has about 25 years of business experience in ICT systems, with peculiar interests in Internet of Things, smart technologies, blockchain and cryptography.


In 2005 he founded Paradox Engineering as the vehicle for bringing his unique technology vision to the market through pioneer IoT platforms for Smart Cities. He is currently CEO of the Company, which has been part of MinebeaMitsumi Group since July 2015.




Name: Sarah Wray

Title: Editor

Company: SmartCitiesWorld








Sarah has many years of experience as a B2B journalist and editor, specialising in technological innovation and its impact in cities.