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Virtual Roundtable: Smart waste management for more efficient and sustainable cities

Virtual Roundtable: Smart waste management for more efficient and sustainable cities

Every year the world generates over 2 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste. The World Bank estimates that by 2050 annual waste generation will increase by 70 percent—to 3.4 billion metric tons. This is particularly worrying for City managers, who need to ensure effective waste collection and treatment to preserve public health and overall livability.


Since landfill is a major emitter of greenhouse gas methane, by improving waste management municipalities can play their part in addressing key environmental challenges such as global warming and climate change, also heading for new recycling and waste-to-energy options. While promoting sustainability and quality of life, cost efficiency and budget constraints should not step out of the radar.


This virtual roundtable explores Smart Waste as a key pillar for today and tomorrow Open Cities. It will highlight how IoT-based solutions can enhance solid waste collection, increase service quality and efficiency, and encourage recycling and responsible behaviors. It will also explore the opportunity of integrating Smart Waste into an overarching Smart City vision and strategy.


Register Here 19 November 2020 - 7am (PST), 10am (EST), 3pm (GMT), 4pm (CET)


Registration is free, however delegates will need to work for city, local or state government. Applications will be approved by an event curator.


Get your questions answered directly in this intimate roundtable format, share insights from your work and make new contacts to speed your city’s transformation.

Roundtable takeaways and discussion points:

  • Insights into devising a smart waste roadmap and making it part of a smart city strategy based on real-world experience
  • Eliminating barriers to smart waste integration such as lack of interoperability
  • How technology can help cities achieve the EU’s recycling targets
  • Increasing efficiencies and reducing the cost of waste collection
  • The importance of waste volume detection
  • Using technology for route and fleet optimisation
  • Monitoring and tracking the success of a smart waste strategy

Agenda for the Roundtable:

1: Welcome, Introductions

2: Benefits and challenges of IoT technologies for smart waste management

3: Open discussion: How to address cities' pain points and generate a measurable ROI

4: Summary

5: Options to meet in 1-2-1 virtual meeting rooms


Delegates already include CRO from City of Milan, CDO at City of Kiel, Head of Waste at York City Council, Strategy & Policy Manager at North London Waste Authority, Waste Operations Manager at Greater Cambridge Shared Waster Service, City Innovation broker at City of Belfast, Environment Advisor at City of Brussels, Strategic Manager at City of Essen and Officer of Public Cleanliness in Brussels amongst others.

Introduction and Keynote

Roundtable Discussions

In advance of the roundtable, SmartCitiesWorld will provide all guests with a spotlight document which details examples of smart waste management systems and how they can best be designed. Graeme Neill, editor at SmartCitiesWorld, will then set the scene for the roundtable and introduce our guest speakers who will talk through their own smart waste projects.

We will look at a number of initiatives and discuss the issues, challenges and learnings that other cities can take away.


Delegates will have a chance to give their own views and to ask questions throughout this session - making it as interactive as possible!

Guest - Gianni Minetti

Guest - Gianni Minetti

Name: Gianni Minetti

Title: CEO

Company: Paradox Engineering






Passionate and eclectic technology expert, Gianni has about 25 years of business experience in ICT systems, with peculiar interests in Internet of Things, smart technologies, blockchain and cybersecurity.


In 2005 he founded Paradox Engineering as the vehicle for bringing his unique technology vision to the market through pioneer IoT platforms for Smart Cities. He is currently CEO of the Company, which has been part of MinebeaMitsumi Group since July 2015.

Guest - Antoine Kassis

Guest - Antoine Kassis

Name: Antoine Kassis

Title: Co-Founder & CEO

Company: Kurrant







Antoine brings more than 12 years’ experience in growing and structuring businesses in the space of clean technologies, smart cities & utilities and Internet of Things (IoT).


He also has extensive experience in ESCO and Private-Public Partnership contracts with a focus on green and smart technologies implementation. He has successfully developed and operated large Smart Cities and Smart Grid projects in Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Before leading Kurrant, Antoine headed the Asia-Pacific Smart Cities business at Silver Spring Networks (now Itron) - a leading player in IoT platforms for Cities and Utilities. Prior to Silver Spring Networks he headed the Innovation Department and then all Asia-Pacific activities at Citelum, a subsidiary of french utility EDF, a leading worldwide player in Smart Cities project implementation and operation.


He specializes in growing IoT businesses and developing large smart city projects across Europe, APAC and US.



Name: Graeme Neill

Title: Editor

Company: SmartCitiesWorld







Graeme Neill has been a journalist for almost 20 years, with more than a decade working in the technology and telecoms space. A Belfast native, he started his career at the Northern Irish daily The Irish News before moving to London to cover the debt capital markets and book publishing industries during the financial crisis. He has covered the telecoms industry for the past decade, initially focusing on the UK retail industry before shifting to cover the telecoms tech industry for Mobile Europe.