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Virtual Roundtable: The value that fibre can bring to a city-wide smart sensor dashboard

Virtual Roundtable: The value that fibre can bring to a city-wide smart sensor dashboard

Millions of kilometres of fibre are installed in the world’s cities every year and with DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) these fibres can be converted into millions of Acoustic, Vibration, Temperature and Strain sensors - allowing thousands of sensors to send information back to the city authority.


In this virtual roundtable we’ll explore how cities are already getting value from this fibre and but also how they can monetise these networks further. We’ll set the scene with a guest speaker from a city authority who will share their insights.


The roundtable will then focus on the obstacles that city authorities and fibre operators face, but also on how those challenges can be overcome. We’ll have a mix of experience on the roundtable from those already using fibre networks to those who are still grappling with an entry point into the technology or how to monetise it effectively.


Register Here 11 February 2021 - 9am (EST), 2pm (GMT), 3pm (CET), 5pm (AST), 6pm (UAE)


Registration is free, however delegates will need to work for city, local or state government. We are also accepting applications from fibre network operators. Applications will be approved by the event curator.


Get your questions answered directly in this intimate roundtable format, share insights from your work and make new contacts to speed your city’s transformation.


Roundtable takeaways and discussion points:

  • Insights into how to gain access to a fibre network
  • Eliminating barriers between fibre providers and city authorities
  • How fibre technology can help achieve a city-wide smart sensor dashboard
  • Overcoming issues of interoperability
  • How fibre can be used to as Acoustic, Vibration, Temperature and Strain sensors

Register Here

Agenda for the Roundtable:

1: Welcome, Introductions

2: Benefits and challenges of using fibre to create a city-wide dashboard (Guest speaker from a city authority)

3: Open discussion: How to address cities' pain points and generate a measurable ROI

4: Summary

5: Options to meet in 1-2-1 virtual meeting rooms


Delegates already include Boston, Dublin, Greenwich, Hamburg, Lisbon, Milton Keynes, New York, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Bilbao, Ramallah to name a few.

Introduction and Keynote

Roundtable Discussions

In advance of the roundtable, SmartCitiesWorld will provide all guests with a research report detailing examples of how fibre solved a variety of problems within urban environments. Graeme Neill, editor at SmartCitiesWorld, will then set the scene for the roundtable and introduce our guest speakers who will talk through their own experiences in how they have utilised fibre for other purposes beyond conventional connectivity.


We will then move onto other topics including how cities can best take advantage of their available infrastructure as well as exploring how to bridge the gap between proofs of concept and scalable deployments of technology.


Delegates will have a chance to give their own views and to ask questions throughout this session - making it as interactive as possible!

Guest - Milton Keynes

Guest - Milton Keynes

Name: Brian Matthews

Title: Head of Transport Innovation

Company: Milton Keynes






Brian has been with Milton Keynes City Council since 1997, previously working for Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire County Councils.


Brian has taken up the role of leading on the development and delivery of the council’s programme of Transport Innovation, supporting Milton Keynes growth as a leading Smart City. This builds on Brian’s experience of managing the delivery of MK’s Electric Bus Project (UKs first fully electric bus service using inductive charging) and leading on the council’s Go Ultra Low cities programme – designed to increase the number of electric vehicles in Milton Keynes.


Current activities are centred around developing 5G capability to support the city manage its growing demand for services. The use cases being trialled will look at using of city scale sensor deployment linked to a 5G enabled data hub which can provide real time data feeds to support efficient sustainable mobility, energy management and access to health care.


Guest - Chris Shannon

Guest - Chris Shannon

Name: Chris Shannon

Title: CEO

Company: Fotech Solutions







Chris has spent the last 30 years growing tech companies from start-ups to thriving technology hubs. Using his dynamic energy and decades of experience in the photonic and electronic industries he has helped realise numerous cutting-edge technologies, bringing them to market and guiding those organisations to the next stage in their evolution.


As he has done throughout, Chris, now leading Fotech, continues to push past perceived boundaries to deliver truly innovative solutions to those around him – the greatest frontier being the digitisation of our cities with a billion sensors.


Guest - Stuart Large

Guest - Stuart Large

Name: Stuart Large

Title: Product Line Director & Business Development

Company: Fotech Solutions






Stuart has spent more than 20 years in leading-edge sensor technology. Originally from the Oil & Gas sector, Stuart leads Fotech’s vision for Smart Cities and takes a hands-on approach in driving innovation and development of the use cases for distributed fibre optic sensing technology in cities.



Name: Graeme Neill

Title: Editor

Company: SmartCitiesWorld







Graeme Neill has been a journalist for almost 20 years, with more than a decade working in the technology and telecoms space. A Belfast native, he started his career at the Northern Irish daily The Irish News before moving to London to cover the debt capital markets and book publishing industries during the financial crisis. He has covered the telecoms industry for the past decade, initially focusing on the UK retail industry before shifting to cover the telecoms tech industry for Mobile Europe.