Media Assets

SmartCitiesWorld has adopted a specific ’visual identity’ to ensure our materials are professional, consistent and easy to recognise. The identity is made up of a number of components - a suite of logos, a palette of colours and selected fonts. There are specific guidelines for choosing the right components and applying them correctly

This page offers guidance on using SmartCitiesWorld’s visual identity, and includes a library of different versions of SmartCitiesWorld logos, which can be downloaded from this page for use free of charge. All we ask is that, if you want to us the logos, that you follow the guidance below.

Brand Guidelines
SCW logos-02.jpg SmartCitiesWorld Logo with strap line
SmartCitiesWorld Logo without strap line
SCW Logo shot.png SmartCitiesWorld reversed
SCW towers logo SmartCitiesWorld.png SmartCitiesWorld Towers
Advisory Board Member Logo