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Bellevue joins the list of chosen smart cities

It will work with professional services firm CH2M to lead the programme’s City Dashboard SuperCluster

Bellevue, known as a 'city in a park', is helping to lead the way to smart in the US
Bellevue, known as a 'city in a park', is helping to lead the way to smart in the US

Bellevue will collaborate with communities and technology partners to develop a smart city dashboard

Multiple departments are working together to achieve improved outcomes through real-time data

NIST is working with others to create the Internet of Things-Enabled Smart City Framework

The City of Bellevue, Washington, is joining the likes of Kansas City, Atlanta, Columbus, Portland and Newport News as lead cities in the White House’s Smart Cities programme. It will work with Kansas City and the professional services firm CH2M to develop a digital platform and dashboard to better manage citywide services.


Eventually, the city dashboard will become available to all cities, allowing them to replicate the online tool for improved service delivery.


The collaboration is part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Global City Teams Challenge, announced by the White House during Smart Cities Week in September.


Bellevue has been selected as a lead city to work with NIST and its collaborators to develop "blueprints" for shared solutions that will be implemented in multiple cities and communities. In October, NIST and US Ignite hosted the Global City Teams Challenge 2016 SuperCluster Kickoff Event in Washington, DC in which multi-team "superclusters" gathered to begin taking on grand challenges too big for any single city team to tackle.


"We are thrilled to be selected as one of the lead cities and to collaborate with other communities and technology partners to develop a pilot smart city dashboard," said Chelo Picardal, Bellevue’s chief technology officer. "Through this programme, we’ll be able to address our need for a citywide digital platform in a way that other cities can benefit from as well.”


The City of Bellevue, known as a ‘City in a Park’ with nearly 100 parks and a vast network of trails and greenbelts, is committed to becoming a leader in smart city design and implementation through better connectivity of its systems, departments, residents and visitors.


It will work closely with CH2M on the Global Cities Team Challenge partnership to develop and pilot the technologies needed to make better use of its existing data, gather new data and effectively share the data to enhance the daily activities of City of Bellevue employees, residents, businesses and visitors.


For Smart City Bellevue, multiple departments are working together to achieve improved outcomes through the analysis of real-time data that will be shared among departments and communicated to various stakeholders. This smart city approach will provide the city with greater effectiveness and efficiencies in operating individual departments and communicating across departments. Through the smart utilisation of data along with the deployment of a resident portal, Bellevue can leverage the value of all smart systems to the community.


"Often cities install smart lighting, parking, water, and other systems in a vacuum that are costly to integrate together later on," said Ken Thompson, CH2M’s deputy director of Intelligent Water Solutions. "Together, we’re creating a citywide platform with a vision for the future that breaks down silos, improves efficiencies, and provides substantial benefits for residents."


Based on the city’s strong smart city programme and goal to develop an integrated and interoperable framework to meet community goals, Bellevue has received one of four Replicable Smart City Technologies grants from NIST that enables 11 cities and communities to work together on innovative smart city solutions.


NIST is providing strong leadership at the federal level by working across different agencies to enhance national support for smart cities and creating an international coalition to develop an Internet of Things-Enabled Smart City Framework.


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