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Building the data-sharing ecosystem

A smart sharing strategy is essential to the development of data exchanges and marketplaces

Realising opportunities inherent in data depends on secure sharing
Realising opportunities inherent in data depends on secure sharing

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) has released its Data Sharing Framework for Smart Cities. It provides recommendations to help smart cities develop the robust data-sharing ecosystem needed to deliver value from their data.


The release marks the launch of an ATIS initiative to engage cities, towns, counties or municipalities of any size in exploring and collaborating to learn how to use the framework to realise the opportunities inherent in the data they are generating.


Through use of IoT sensors, connected devices, and innovative applications, cities globally are collecting vast amounts of data on everything from traffic patterns, public safety implementations, air quality and more. Realising the opportunities inherent in this data depends upon its secure sharing.


For cities to maximise their smart cities technology investments, and for the data they collect to deliver value to citizens, it must be shared securely among governments and trusted agencies as well as with the commercial sector and application developers. This sharing capability is not currently an integral part of most cities’ data platforms though.


Platforms being designed today will need to meet future demands of real-time applications, data ownership issues, privacy and secure data exchange. ATIS’ framework puts forward a much-needed evolutionary path to help cities move beyond managing data to working within a comprehensive data-sharing model.


A smart sharing strategy is essential to the development of data exchanges and marketplaces, to promote public and private-sector application development, and ultimately to create opportunities for data monetisation for cities.


"While smart cities infrastructure is essentially the engine for innovative applications, data will act as the fuel, accelerating cities toward their intended citizen-centric vision," said ATIS president and CEO, Susan Miller. "ATIS sees the ability to efficiently and securely share vast amounts of real-time data as a key component to a smart city’s future success. We are pleased to contribute the data-sharing framework to make this happen."


ATIS is available to convene a dialogue with smart city teams on how the Data Sharing Framework can help make the best use of smart cities data. Collaboration is critical for cities to identify and implement compatible approaches to sharing data and to take advantage of the many opportunities a future-focused mode delivers.


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