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Cardiff rolls out citywide smart parking tech

Cardiff Council is the first council in Europe to roll out the technology across its road network

Park Cardiff also connects users to the city's mobile parking payment service
Park Cardiff also connects users to the city's mobile parking payment service

A new smart parking system that helps drivers find an available parking space is set to go live in Cardiff this week.


Cardiff Council has installed 3,300 sensors in ‘paid-for’ and disabled parking bays working in partnership with parking technology firm, Smart Parking.


Populated with data collected through the sensors, drivers in the Welsh capital city can download an app, called Park Cardiff, to search and view a real-time map of parking availability and be directed to an empty space.


Cardiff Council is the first council in Europe to roll out this technology across its citywide road network. The full roll-out follows a successful pilot project in which 225 sensors were installed in streets including Museum Avenue and Sophia Gardens car park.


“Although our priority is for people to use public or alternative forms of transport, we accept that there will still be a requirement for people to use the private car. Given this, we want to provide the technology to make parking as easy as possible, so that people don’t have to drive around the city to find a parking space,” said councillor Caro Wild, cabinet member for strategic planning and transport at Cardiff Council.


“We want people that park in and around the city centre to download the free app – it is easy to use and will help both the motorist and the council. Congestion and driving at low speeds significantly increases pollutants from cars, so we want people to find a space and park as quickly as possible.”


Park Cardiff can also connect users to Cardiff’s mobile parking payment service, provided by MiPermit, which comes with free confirmation and reminder texts.


“Through the use of this innovative technology and the information it gathers, the city now [has] the opportunity to better understand the dynamics of traffic and parking,” added Paul Gillespie, group chief executive officer, Smart Parking.


“[The] app will deliver major benefits for people who need to park in central Cardiff. It will make finding a parking space easier so that drivers can reach their destinations faster and more conveniently and make a contribution to reducing the congestion and pollution associated with drivers speculatively searching for a space to park.”


Smart Parking’s bay sensor system has already been deployed in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, South Africa and Europe.


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