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Chicago Skyway Bridge gets smarter with payments

Vehicles can be processed and tracked in real-time for revenue control purposes

The Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge serves more than 14 million customers per year
The Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge serves more than 14 million customers per year

LocoMobi has won a contract to deploy payment and control applications on Chicago’s Skyway Toll Bridge.


The city’s bridge serves more than 14 million customers per year and the parking, tolling and transport provider’s license plate recognition technology will form the backbone of the new payment system.


This will enable each vehicle to be processed and tracked in real-time for revenue control purposes, LocoMobi said as it announced the move underpinned another stage in its progress towards an integrated smart city transportation ecosystem.


LocoMobi’s system will allow for a variety of payment options including credit/debit/pin/chip card payment as well as mobile and Tap-and-Go payment as part of an infrastructure that aims to allow people and cars to move easily from city to city.


"When we were winners of the Smart City Competition in China we knew that we were on the right track," said Grant Furlane, president, CEO and co-founder of LocoMobi. "Having a more flexible and secure system benefits both owner and users."


LocoMobi also said it is making inroads in the emerging market for electronic tolling systems and smart city infrastructure. The company plans to introduce its transit system by end of year and claims it will be the first to have the capability to manage and meet demands of the consumer by moving them “seamlessly through the ecosystem of transportation”.


According to the company, its mobile payment application, Quickpay, also complements any parking facility as an alternative to payment stations making use of the same rate engine and cloud portal.


It can be used standalone, integrated with legacy hardware at low cost, or as part of a fully integrated system to deliver value for drivers as well as parking owners and operators, LocoMobi added.


The company has also introduced a full system for in-garage guidance to help drivers find open spaces and minimise time spent driving around looking for parking spaces.


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