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Cyber resilience for smart cities

Using sensors, interconnected services and decision-making algorithms, cyber incidents can be predicted and monitored in near real-time

Joshi: wants to
Joshi: wants to

The platform aims to bridge the gap between the activities of critical entities and the state of their security

DarkMatter wants to bring end-to-end cyber resilience to digital environments


United Arab Emirates-based cyber security firm DarkMatter is launching a platform that allows city authorities to predict and more quickly react to cyber threats.


It claims that its Cyber Resilience Platform is the first city-wide dashboard of its kind that that helps city authorities visualise the readiness of “critical entities” against cyber threats. The tool acts as a playbook for a city to be able to see how its critical entities are working individually as well as in the context of a wider interconnected, smart environment.


The pace of digital transformation, and the instrumented, intelligent, and interconnected nature of modern digital networks means a more interactive and all-inclusive approach to assessing cyber resilience is required. Using sensors, interconnected services and decision-making algorithms to help entities predict, monitor and manage cyber incidents in near real-time, the platform is also scalable, and transferable so entities of any size, across multiple sectors that can benefit from its predictive capabilities.


The holistic platform builds on DarkMatter’s mission to bring end-to-end cyber resilience to digital environments and is an extension of its Cyber Security Life-Cycle outlook, which incorporates a four-stage approach to cyber security involving planning, detection, protection and recovery.


Commenting on the introduction of the Cyber Resilience Platform, Faisal Al Bannai, CEO of DarkMatter said: "This platform represents DarkMatter’s ability to draw expertise from across the organisation and produce tools that assess and predict the level of cyber risk in order for entities to pro-actively act in defence of their digital assets within an interconnected environment.


"Our Cyber Resilience Platform is a KPI-focused, operations-oriented tool, which for the first time looks to bridge the gap between the activities of critical entities and the state of their security. We believe this platform will gain significant traction not just from federal and municipal entities, but for all organisations operating in highly digitised, connected eco-systems where cyber vulnerabilities have knock-on effects."


Resilience data and analysis from the platform is used to monitor the status of systems and therefore produces actionable intelligence rather than offering just theoretical scenarios.


"Our platform is not just another box-ticking exercise,” said Harshul Joshi, senior vice president and the chief architect of the Cyber Resilience Platform. “It offers real and actionable information to allow connected entities to better protect themselves and mitigate against cyber attacks individually as well as collectively.


"I like to view our platform as working like a pain detector in the human body, which draws attention to where a problem may exist, and triggers a series of actions to correct the problem. We are looking to add immunity to digitisation and better equip entities to be able to guard against cyber threats."


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