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Sigfox widens IoT global reach

Global offering has been augmented with new service which allows IoT devices to recognise and automatically adapt to local communications standards

Tunisia is one of the countries in which Sigfox has announced its expansion
Tunisia is one of the countries in which Sigfox has announced its expansion

Sigfox has extended its Internet of Things (IoT) network to 36 countries following the addition of four new operators in Costa Rica, Croatia, Thailand, Tunisia to its roll call. It made the announcement at this week’s Sigfox World IoT Expo, which concluded yesterday in the Czech Republic city of Prague.


The company also announced that five more countries have completed nationwide coverage bringing the total to 17 countries with national coverage.


“We’re excited to work with all of our new partners, this move marks yet another key milestone towards Sigfox’s vision of a global IoT network,” said Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, executive vice president of operators at Sigfox.


“We are looking forward to collaborating with our new Sigfox operators to help their local ecosystems to seamlessly scale IoT solutions wherever the Sigfox network is present in the world. Together, we’re building a future that will be better to live in.”


The four new operators are:

  • Cognix -- working with Latin American partner WND, local operator Cognix will expand low-cost, low-energy, dependable IoT networking to Costa Rica
  • IoT Net Adria -- seeing an opportunity to replicate the accumulated know-how with Sigfox in other countries in their market, the Croatian Sigfox operator is extending Sigfox coverage in eastern Europe
  • IoT Tunisie -- with an expanding manufacturing sector, demand for IoT solutions is reportedly high in Tunisia. In partnership with Sigfox, IoT Tunisie seeks to meet that demand and promote hi-tech growth
  • Platt Nera -- the collaboration aims to connect hundreds of thousands of objects as Thailand invests in smart cities, intelligent energy, and other transformational digital projects.

According to Sigfox its global offering has been augmented with its new Monarch service which now allows IoT devices to recognise and automatically adapt to every local communications standard in the world without roaming.


By enabling ‘globe trotter’ assets that can seamlessly adapt as they move across borders, the connectivity firm claims Monarch represents a game-changer for logistics, freight, and consumer goods industries.


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