Tallin and Helsinki make a connection

LoRaWAN luminaire controller is described as one of the most promising devices for near-future smart street lighting solutions

The messages were sent from the Luminaire controller, located in Tallin
The messages were sent from the Luminaire controller, located in Tallin

A LoRaWAN luminaire controller has sent a signal to 86km away in a real-life usage scenario.


Developed by Nordic Automation Systems (NAS), the controller located in the city of Tallinn, Estonia, transmitted more than 200 messages to the gateway in Helsinki, Finland, with the average SNR value of 8.6 dB and RSSI signal value -117.


The receiver of the signal was located in Helsinki, where NAS partner Etteplan has installed multitech gateway.


“The gateway is situated at the rooftop of the water tower in Ilmalankuja,” said Jaakko Ala-Paavola, technology director in Etteplan. “As the water tower itself is located at the top of a high hill, we would estimate the height [to be] around 90 metres above sea level.”


The LoRa-based outdoor waterproof IP68 rated luminaire controller is an SMA antenna ready device which enables customisable dimming profiles with various configurable inputs.


The 868/915 MHz controller can monitor each light by means of a bi-directional data exchange. Controller reduces both consistent energy savings, CO2 emission and enables efficient maintenance cycles, as well as allowing remote control of the LED and HID luminaires using 0-10V analog or DALI control signal.


“We were very glad to see the numbers of the coverage,” added Viljo Veesaar, founder of Nordic Automation Systems. “[The] LoRaWAN luminaire controller is without a doubt one of the most promising devices for the near future smart street lighting solutions.”


Nordic Automation Systems is an industrial automation company. It manufactures sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring solutions and is a provider of full vertical LoRaWAN: sensors, gateways and the cloud. NAS offers custom-made smart metering, smart monitoring and smart city solutions to meet each project specific needs.



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