Covid Effect

The latest news and analysis on the strategies cities are deploying globally to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. If you have any news on Covid related activities then why not use the hashtag #SmartCitiesCV19

Building bridges in the Covid-19 fightback

Building bridges in the Covid-19 fightback

Robots can deliver smart policing in the post Covid-19 reality

Robots can play a key role assisting police forces and ensuring socially distancing support in the Covid-19 era, writes Muhammad Rahman

Coming together to manage uncertainty

Coronavirus presents all of us with the unprecedented and one advantage of our digital age is the ability to look further afield for advice.

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WEBINAR: Open Cities: Why interoperability and 6LoWPAN matter

Learn how the City of Gijón is using 6LoWPAN and dealing with interoperability