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Company Spotlight - Esri

Technology is a vital component of delivering smarter communities, but technology alone is not enough. Smart communities are born when people, place and technology come together to deliver outcomes that improve our places and the lives of those who live there.


Company Spotlight - Esri

This Company Spotlight looks at how Esri - a GIS software company that specialises in mapping and spatial data analytics technology - can unlock operational & business potential.


Esri believes that for councils and public sector organisations to truly transform, the role of the citizen will need to change. And Geographic Information Systems have a huge part to play.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are providing the vital context to underpin and support decision-making, informing opinion and helping to test and shape policy, plans and the future.


SmartCitiesWorld looks at how Esri are getting involved in smart city solutions across the world.


Download this document to find out how:


• GIS was fundamental to Europe’s biggest infrastructure project - CrossRail

• Esri’s technology spawned a new way of working at Glasgow City Council

• Online tools provided the catalyst for public consultations in Leeds City Council

• How London has developed an Infrastructure Mapping Application for projects





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