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Company Spotlight - Itron

As city populations continue to grow, the smart city movement is helping cities better manage their resources and harness new technologies to create a more liveable, sustainable and economically vibrant urban landscape and improve the lives of citizens that live there.


Company Spotlight - Itron

This Company Spotlight looks at Itron’s Active Network; a communications infrastructure that encompasses water, electricity and gas, and how it provides the foundation for a broadening menu of smart city applications.


The Active Network must support both the requirements that are clear today and the innovative aspirations of tomorrow, providing cities everywhere with both a roadmap and a road to becoming smart.


SmartCitiesWorld looks at how utility companies are getting involved in smart city solutions across the world.


Download this document to find out:


• What the Active Network is.

• How the Active Network can benefit all those connected with utility services within a city.

• How Itron’s platform is facilitating progress in smart cities.

• Learn about Urbanova, the smart city initiative in Spokane, Washington.