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eBook: Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World

How 167 cities worldwide are leveraging technology, data, and partnerships to drive Social Development Goals (SDGs)

eBook: Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World


Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World, is a forward-looking study that provides city decision-makers with an evidence-based playbook for driving better social, environmental, and economic outcomes in today’s transformed world.


The research, based on a survey of 167 city leaders from 82 countries around the world, dramatically underscores the vital role of technology, data, partnerships, and citizen engagement in enabling municipalities to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and helping give rise to a new class of cities—Cities 4.0.


The research looked at a vast array of areas including:

  • Main challenges faced by the city in achieving its social, environmental, economic goals
  • Biggest lessons learned from the global pandemic
  • Top three external disruptions facing cites
  • Prioritises for the next three years to enhance/use ecosystem of suppliers & partners
  • Investment priorities across urban domain
  • Cities maturity in data analytics
  • Sentiment of citizens in uses of data and technology
  • Steps to foster citizen engagement



Below is an example of ’Smart city lessons learned from the pandemic’ which is contained within the report:


Smart City Lessons from Pandemic - ESI Thoughtlab Research 2021
Smart City Lessons from Pandemic - ESI Thoughtlab Research 2021

The report also looks to understand how cities are using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a roadmap for the future, ESI ThoughtLab collaborated with a global coalition of government, business, and academic leaders to conduct a comprehensive benchmarking study of diverse cities across six world regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America.


As an example, the graphic below provides the first step in understanding (which is explained in the report)



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