WEBINAR: Smart Cities of all Sizes:

Thu 19-Sep-2019
15:00 - 16:00

Private sector companies have been discussing the promise of smart for years. Public sector leaders have been increasingly curious to learn how to actually implement them. Both now come together around the realization that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. The user experience, not individual technology products, should be central to the adoption of smart cities.


This necessitates an approach as unique as each city itself. In order for the promise of smart cities to become reality, it is essential – now more than ever – for governments to directly engage private sector technology companies to begin to lay the groundwork for what their city needs.


Innovation and excellence leaders from HERE Technologies will outline what governments can do to make their cities smarter by balancing their goals and constraints with their vision for smart cities. This includes weighing the reality of cost cutting, phased investment, measuring the right indicators, and setting bold yet attainable goals to bring smart cities online. Topics will also include:


  • The current state of smart city technology and implementation, innovative trials, and practical tips to achieve smart city solutions
  • How cities like Chicago are testing new solutions to combat weather events, an influx of delivery vehicles and more
  • The platform-based support structure needed to usher in transformational change

Time: 3pm (BST), 4pm (CET), 11am (ET), 8am (UCT)


Length: 50mins + 10mins Q&A