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Smart device keeps an eye on the city

It is the evolution of Ekin Safe Tower, a product that led to almost a 35 per cent decrease in traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi

Ekin Spotter can be fitted to sidewalks and customised for a range of information
Ekin Spotter can be fitted to sidewalks and customised for a range of information

Safe city technology provider, Ekin, has launched a smart city device for traffic management, environmental analysis and surveillance.


Ekin Spotter aims to offer law enforcement and government agencies, such as the departments of transportation and environment, with the tools and information they need to improve quality of life for their residents.


Citizens can also view the data Ekin Spotter collects on digital billboards that display real-time information about air quality, temperature, and similar measurable data points.


The device is the evolution of Ekin Safe Tower, a product that led to a 34.76 per cent decrease in traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi. It is now being rolled out in the US and Ekin plans to test it in Switzerland this September.


Ekin Spotter provides cities with the technology needed to better manage and combat a range of problems. Whether a city block is experiencing a spike in crime and needs a better surveillance system, or a study needs to be conducted on air quality, Ekin Spotter’s modular design enables cities to customise the device to fit its specific needs. The compact device that claims to be able to seamlessly fit in with any cityscape by affixing to a sidewalk.


A single device capable of collecting a wealth of real-time information about a city and can be customised to provide:

  • traffic Management
  • speed detection
  • license plate recognition
  • parking violation detection
  • wrong way, wrong lane, object, accident, tailgating and hard brake detection
  • city surveillance
  • 4K resolution security camera
  • self-illuminating cameras to enable 24/7 surveillance
  • facial recognition and analysis
  • environmental Features
  • carbon emission analysis
  • temperature and humidity measurements.

Akif Ekin, founder and chairman of Ekin, explained that it was developed to help officials understand their cities and create policies that benefit residents.


“While our existing line of products, such as Patrol G2 and Box Spotter, provide dynamic safety solutions, our goal with Ekin Spotter is to enable a more holistic approach to information collection and analysis citywide,” he said.


Ekin Spotter is constantly evolving because it is equipped with artificial intelligence and Ekin’s proprietary Red Eagle operating system, which enables municipalities to centrally manage Ekin’s products citywide. It can also evaluate itself if a problem arises that affects its operations and will send a notification to administrators if action needs to be taken.


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