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Digital twin created for new Indian smart city

Software platform provides a “single pane of glass” view of urban, project and property data, above and below ground

A digital twin provides a rich single pane of glass view of an urban project
A digital twin provides a rich single pane of glass view of an urban project

The Government of Andhra Pradesh, India, has chosen Cityzenith’s Smart World Pro as its 3D city information model for the development of Amaravati, a new $6.5 billion smart city.


The greenfield smart city, designed by architect Foster + Partners and Surbana Jurong, will become the new capital for the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


On completion, Amaravati will rank among the top three advanced cities in the world, according to Cityzenith.


To be unveiled at Davos


The initial prototype will be unveiled at Davos in January 2019. The first phase of the engagement will run through the end of 2019. Cityzenith will collaborate with its local joint venture partner in India, AEC Digital Solution, to deliver the project.


As a greenfield new city development, Amaravati will incorporate best-in-class innovative technologies that aims to revolutionise development, planning, operations and citizen engagement at all levels across the new state capital.

“Amaravati will be born as a digital twin, the first entire city that I know of to do that in the world"

Smart World Pro will be customised to allow government agencies, commercial businesses, and citizens to use a single platform for a wide range of purposes. Ground-breaking new digital services and functions planned include:

  • real-time construction progress monitoring, environmental and wellness monitoring, et al via ubiquitous, multi-nodal Internet of Things (IoT) sensors
  • advanced mobility and traffic monitoring and simulations
  • advanced microclimate and climate change monitoring and simulations
  • digital “drag and drop” building permit submissions
  • digital zoning, setback, environmental, traffic, and other statutory compliance-related preliminary analysis
  • a proposed digital twin user ID scheme for every Amaravati citizen that will serve as a single citizen portal for all government information, notifications, forms, and applications.

“Amaravati is a greenfield city being built with the happiness of its citizens at the core of its vision,” said Dr Sreedhar Cherukuri, commissioner, Andhra Pradesh Capital Regional Development Authority (APCRDA).


“A digital platform that enables the entire ecosystem of the city’s stakeholders to utilise and contribute to achieve this common goal is vital to have from day [zero]. Amaravati will have an open platform to access data and tools across sectors in an integrated 3D city model, the pilot being powered by Cityzenith’s Smart World Pro.”


“Amaravati will be born as a digital twin, the first entire city that I know of to do that in the world. Everything that happens in Amaravati will be scenarioised in advance to optimise outcomes and adjusted on the fly to keep pace with change,” added Michael Jansen, CEO, Cityzenith.


“This represents a giant leap forward for cities, how they’re designed, built, and managed, and how they optimise their relationships with the private sector and their own citizens.”


What is a digital twin?


A digital twin is a digital model of a physical asset, which continuously collects information (via sensors, drones or other IoT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data collection tools) and applies advanced analytics, machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to gain valuable real-time insights about the physical asset’s performance, operation or profitability.


Digital twin users include large building owners, building design professionals, property managers, real estate investment trusts (REITS), and governments.


Cityzenith said its digital twin platform is tailored to accommodate IoT sensor data/BMS, leveraging a backend to interpret sensor data into actionable information that helps predict outcomes across maintenance, development, leasing, and financial functions.


Users point and click their way into more than one billion data records, import any type of file format from BIM to GIS to IoT, can ask questions using voice-enabled natural language capabilities, and generate a full range of AI- and machine-learning-driven analytics on the fly.


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Smart World Pro can create a SimCity-like Digital Twin
Smart World Pro can create a SimCity-like Digital Twin
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