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Electric scooter aims to empower city dwellers

The scooter has a high performance smart battery with an estimated range of up to 70km

The Ujet scooter will be rolled out in major European cities in the first half of 2018
The Ujet scooter will be rolled out in major European cities in the first half of 2018

Ujet is unveiling its first electric scooter product at CES 2018, which aims to “redefine” urban mobility and put “the ease, joy and practicality back” into getting around cities.


Designed from the ground up, the scooter combines smart connectivity and high performance materials typically found in the aerospace sector with clean technology and refined design.


Ujet plans to launch in a number of European cities including Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Luxembourg, Amsterdam in the first half of 2018, followed by the US (starting with California and Florida) as well as Asia in the second half of 2018.


“With more of us than ever living in cities, it’s never been more important to make urban environments a place in which people enjoy to live,” said Hugues Despres, CEO, Ujet International. “As a result, Ujet is focused on providing urbanites with great products that help them get around their city with style and ease.”


Key features of the Ujet electric scooter include:


Clean technologies: all elements of the Ujet electric scooter were built to be friendly to the user and environment alike. It offers a high performance smart battery available in two sizes with an estimated range up to 70 km or 150 km, and can be charged from any regular power socket. About the size of a cabin-size suitcase, the battery is removable, portable, and rollable, allowing for easy and convenient transport;


Connectivity solutions: for smart and easy control, riders can control their Ujet electric scooter directly through their iOS or Android app. Riders can unlock their scooters with their smartphone, receive step-by-step directions to where it is parked, share it remotely with friends and family, and can disable it remotely if the anti-theft protection sends a warning that the scooter has moved without their command. What’s more, the app allows riders to monitor scooter performance, including battery level, mileage, saved carbon dioxide emissions, and more, as well as easy access to customer support with locations of nearest service shops, and the ability to easily communicate with a dedicated support team;


Advanced materials: the Ujet electric scooter is equipped with the lightest tyre in its class: the world’s first nano-augmented tyre. Made with applied TUBALL containing single-wall carbon nanotubes, the tyre is equipped with strong and conducive materials that claim to provide unprecedented performance and safety. The advanced materials within the tyre increases wet and dry grip by 2x and, therefore, increases traction. Additionally, the high-performance materials in the frame, which include alloy and carbon fibre composite (can be up to 40 per cent lighter than aluminum), allow the Ujet electric scooter to weigh just 43kg and be robust, durable and secure at the same time.


The spoke-less orbital wheel includes a suspension system and larger diameter lightweight brakes, which offers a smooth ride, and the in-wheel electric motor combines optimised size with powerful performance (5,44 hp and 90 Nm torque), ensuring great acceleration in any conditions;


Disruptive design: striking a balance between the high performance technology and an iconic design, the Ujet electric scooter is a combination of unique and futuristic design. When designing the electric scooter, the Ujet team turned to the organic shapes in nature, paired with contemporary architecture for inspiration. The asymmetrical and sculptural frame make the scooter look bold but also easy to handle, and the ability to quickly and easily fold and store the scooter adds to its convenience.


The price for the Ujet electric scooter will be targeted at around $8,900 for the small battery, and $9,990 USD for the large battery (prices may vary due to applicable taxes and duties).


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