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Hitachi tool aids smart city intelligence

The software will provide rich insights and real-time alerts to increase efficiencies and enhance safety and services

The software can be used to help detect long queues at an airport
The software can be used to help detect long queues at an airport

Cities need visibility into a variety of data insights to benefit from digital transformation

The proliferating use of video technologies continues to raise privacy concerns

Hitachi Insight Group is introducing a new video analytics software to its smart city and public safety solutions portfolio.


The software combines computer vision and advanced analytics to extract rich insights and generate real-time alerts for cities, airports, campuses, transportation agencies, and businesses.


Hitachi Insight Group, which is responsible for driving the global unified Internet of Things (IoT) business and go-to-market (GTM) strategy for Hitachi, highlights some key areas where the technology could be applied.

  • Operational and business intelligence: people counting, queue detection, activity analysis, directional counting, and image enhancement deliver insights that help cities, businesses and other organisations improve operations and customer experiences. It also helps to protect individual privacy, which can help to reduce their risk and liability.
  • Smarter transportation, traffic and parking management: vehicle counting, traffic analysis, parking space detection and license plate recognition help cities and businesses to improve traffic and parking for residents, commuters and customers.
  • More effective public safety and security: intrusion detection, left-behind object detection, facial recognition and camera tampering alerts provide a force multiplier for public safety departments to help keep people and property safe.

“Cities and enterprises looking to fully benefit from digital transformation need visibility into a variety of data insights. And as attacks and natural disasters in public and private areas continue to increase, safety has become a top priority,” said Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, global director, smart cities strategies at IDC.


“Although video is a significant opportunity to increase operational efficiencies, ensure safety and serve as a force multiplier for municipalities, law enforcement and security teams, the proliferating use of video technologies continues to raise privacy concerns.


“With its end-to-end video stack, Hitachi is helping public and private sector organisations to better utilise the full potential of their video assets.”


HVA offers a privacy protection feature that can be used in conjunction with all of its robust insights and alerts. With this concern alleviated, HVA can help customers make better use of their video data by providing critical intelligence that can help to improve operations and better protect people and assets.


HVA is the latest addition to Hitachi’s smart city and public safety solution portfolio and builds on the company’s expansive expertise in IoT and video technologies. HVA integrates with and extends Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP): a powerful virtualised storage, networking and compute appliance that offers high availability, fault tolerance and simple, cost-effective scalability.


It can also be used with Hitachi Visualisation Suite, which integrates IoT data from video cameras and other disparate systems and sensors to provide a map-based unified view for enhanced situation awareness.


Together, these solutions form a comprehensive video stack designed to help Hitachi’s government and private enterprise customers unlock greater value and insight from video data to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences and increase security.


“Video is an effective tool for keeping people and property safe, but still remains a significantly underutilised source for operational, business, and public safety data today. In a world where security cameras are mission critical and deployments are growing exponentially, our customers want to get greater value and insight from their video environments,” said Mark Jules, vice president, public safety and smart city solutions at Hitachi Insight Group.


He added: “Hitachi Video Analytics is an intelligent solution for public and private sector organisations to extract rich operational and security insights from video data, while helping to safeguard the privacy of their customers, employees and the citizens they protect.”


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