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Huawei seeks to bridge AI talent gap

Huawei welcomed more than 100 educators, academic experts, students and training partners to its AI conference

The HCNA-AI certification programme is announced at Huawei's AI conference
The HCNA-AI certification programme is announced at Huawei's AI conference

Huawei is launching an artificial intelligence (AI) engineering certification programme to bridge the talent gap that exists in the industry.


The information and communications technology infrastructure company launched the HCNA-AI certification at its Never stop learning, create the future with AI conference, which was attended by more than 100 educators, academic experts, Huawei training partners, students and AI technology enthusiasts.


The new certification is designed for tech professionals and aims to promote the artificial intelligence technology and support the industry through talent development, ultimately facilitating technological progress of the digital economy.


“With the national artificial intelligence development strategy, we are facing the challenges of a growing talent demand,” said Bradd Feng, director of the global training and certification department of Huawei Enterprise BG. “Huawei in cooperation with world-renowned universities and industry experts have carried out a new layout for talent training. This new professional certification with the updated college curriculum will stimulate a stronger talent supply and will allow professionals to access a new world of opportunities.”


The certification framework has four characteristics:


Grounded on solid theory and leading technology: the HCNA-AI learning material provides the basic mathematics and machine learning knowledge necessary for deep learning. At this level, the students will be guided to gradually understand the related techniques of deep learning, such as, convolutional neural networks, cyclic neural networks, regularisation and optimisers and introduce deep learning in applications areas, such as, computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing;


Strong framework and extensive application: HCNA-AI uses the mainstream TensorFlow framework and supports Keras (a high-level neural network API, Theano/TensorFlow-based deep learning framework written in Python), which is widely used, powerful, and has excellent compatibility and timeliness;


Convenient platform with anytime learning mode: the experimental environment of the HCNA-AI certification course can be accessed to the ECS (elastic cloud server) on the Huawei Cloud, and then installed according to the manual. The installed environment will have a separate IP, username and password, so that students will be able to log in to the lab environment and learn any time with a network connection;


Practical and up-to-date: the HCNA-AI certification program offers programming exercises, including image recognition battle, speech recognition contest and human-machine dialogue, so that students can practice what they have learned.


“The launch of the AI engineering certification by Huawei is a revolutionary milestone in the training of the AI domain,” said Professor Wang Wanliang, dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University of Technology. “As a tech leader involved in the academic community, we are looking forward to seeing Huawei continuing to develop the AI professional programme certification and bridge the gap between academic institutions and enterprises by providing on-going training to college students and IT professionals.”


Huawei will officially release the complete AI development strategy and talent development plan at Huawei Connect in Shanghai this coming October.


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