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Keeping tabs on London’s smart roadmap

The launch of the card demonstrates City Hall’s commitment to the Local Digital Declaration to work in the open

The report card helps London citizens chart the progress of the city's five smart missions
The report card helps London citizens chart the progress of the city's five smart missions

London’s chief digital officer, Theo Blackwell, has launched a report card to help citizens to track and measure progress of the actions of the Smart London team at the GLA.


Writing on, Blackwell explains that it follows similar approaches to mark smart progress in the first New York Digital Roadmap, and earlier work with Oxford City Council’s Digital Action Plan.


Smarter London


London mayor Sadiq Khan launched the Smarter London Together Roadmap in June this year that aims to transform the UK capital into the smartest city in the world. It focuses on areas such as digital services, open data, connectivity, digital inclusion, cyber-security and innovation.


Blackwell says that the report card expresses the city’s strong commitment to the government’s new Local Digital Declaration which wants local authorities to publish their plans and lessons learnt and talk publicly about things that have could have gone better, as well as try new things, "from new digital tools to experiments in collaboration with other organisations".


He writes: “This is also an important part of City Hall’s commitment to open government in the digital age because some of the topics we as a city need to discuss — for example, around the use of sensors and automation, use of citizen data for civic benefit, and lags in diversity and inclusion — are not fully resolved, and won’t be without further discussion.”


The Report Card makes use of the online collaboration tool, Trello , which is used to organise and manage projects  and which will inform citizens what is being worked on, who is involved as well as provide live updates on progress.


The report card details information and progress on the roadmap’s five missions:

  • Mission 1: More user-designed services
  • Mission 2: Strike a new deal for city data
  • Mission 3: World-class connectivity and smarter streets
  • Mission 4: Enhance digital leadership and skills
  • Mission 5: Improve city-wide collaboration

If citizens want to comment on progress of a project, they can join the discussion on Talk London, City Hall’s online citizen community. The report card can be found at here.


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