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Lighting that gives employees a “fix”

Stimulus from the human-centric lighting fixtures is likened to a strong cup of coffee

The LED lighting system is tuned to support the “circadian rhythms” of employees
The LED lighting system is tuned to support the “circadian rhythms” of employees

So-called “human centric” office lighting can be “tuned” to provide a stimulus similar to one of a strong cup of coffee for employees, a company claims.


According to Philips Lighting, by installing an LED lighting system tuned to support the “circadian rhythms” of its customer Czech Republic energy company innogy’s office staff, has helped to stimulate their energy levels at set times in the day.


Employees enjoy a comfortable bright light, similar to natural daylight, to start their day and after lunch. This helps to stimulate energy levels, workplace comfort and vision, supporting a sense of wellbeing and performance. The stimulus from the lighting fixtures is likened to a strong cup of coffee.


Some 15 months ago, innogy completed a renovation of 10,000 square metres of office space at its headquarters at Limuzská, Prague. The company went from a traditional closed office environment to open plan and seized the opportunity to create a best-in-class work environment to enhance the comfort, wellbeing and productivity of its 550 office employees.


Lighting played a key part of the renovation which involved a new restaurant, furniture, healthy food, kitchens and creativity spaces.


“We’ve taken our knowledge of how light physiologically benefits people from successful projects in hospitals and schools and applied it to the offices space,” said Jiří Tourek, country manager Czech Republic at Philips Lighting.


“We know that exposure to a certain comfortable bright light setting for one-hour can provide a mild energy stimulus similar to a cup of coffee and supports wakefulness. Similarly, other light settings can aid relaxation or help people to wind down before lunch or going home.”


While the lighting is designed to complement people’s natural circadian rhythms, employees at innogy may, at any time, override the light settings, tailoring the light to their needs or specific work tasks, using a wall-mounted Philips Antumbra Dynalite control. This touch-button control enables control of lighting and blinds, allowing workers to personalise their immediate environment to suit their preferences.


“We wanted to create an outstanding environment for our employees. At the beginning of the day the office lights mimic natural daylight, providing a useful energy boost. The light levels decrease until after lunch when we give another boost to help staff over the post-lunch energy dip,” added Tomáš Michna, senior manager for facility and services at innogy Czech Republic.


“Nearly 80 per cent of employees surveyed described the new lighting as better or much better than the previous fluorescent tube lighting, while 60 per cent agreed that it contributed to a place in which they wanted to work.”


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