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Liquid Studio network extends to Latvia

The studio forms part of the Accenture Innovation Architecture and joins similar facilities around the world

Liquid Studio, Riga, where Accenture clients can experiment with digital technologies
Liquid Studio, Riga, where Accenture clients can experiment with digital technologies

Liquid Studio in Riga has capabilities in the IoT, cloud, blockchain and other emerging technologies

Accenture claims Liquid Studio reduces development and protoyping times from months to days

Professional services company Accenture has opened a Liquid Studio in Riga to help clients in the Nordics speed up innovation and software development cycles.


It joins the growing network of Liquid Studios around the world in Silicon Valley, Paris, Nantes, Kronberg, Milan and London. The studio provides clients with an open environment to experiment with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) and aims to help organisations rapidly evolve their operations and customer experiences.


At the Liquid Studio, clients work alongside Accenture engineers to quickly turn concepts into products, taking days to achieve what used to take months.


The speed of prototyping and custom applications development is accelerated using Agile and DevOps development principles, contemporary architectures, reusable components and intelligent automation tools, which crucially shorten the time to real business impact.


“The Accenture Liquid Studio in Riga will allow our clients to experiment with and implement the latest digital technologies in a short period of time,” said Maksims Jegorovs, Accenture Latvia lead. “At the Liquid Studio, clients take part in intensive working groups to see how prototypes impact their specific business needs and evaluate the effectiveness of new products and services.”


The Liquid Studio in Riga has capabilities in IoT, cloud, blockchain, immersive experiences and other emerging technologies. It also benefits from being part of the Accenture alliance ecosystem to take cutting-edge technologies from the start-up community and leading technology providers and into development for large enterprises.


As well as other Liquid Studios around the world, Riga can collaborate with the Accenture Labs, where Accenture incubates and prototypes new concepts through applied R&D projects. Accenture plans to open more Liquid Studios around the world in 2017.


Liquid Studios are one component of the Accenture Innovation Architecture, which brings together the company’s capabilities -- from research, ventures and labs to studios, innovation centers and delivery centres -- to develop and deliver disruptive innovations for clients, and to scale them faster.


Accenture Latvia will celebrate 15 years in 2017 and has already reached 1000 employees in November. During these years Riga Delivery Centre has strengthened its position and become one of the largest IT service providers in Nordic region, as well increasing the country’s export performance.


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