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ATIS and Ignite launch initiative to support data sharing between cities

The organisations want to help position cities for success in preparation for the next decade of smart cities applications

Cities are recognising the value of working together and secure data-sharing is key to this
Cities are recognising the value of working together and secure data-sharing is key to this

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and US smart city accelerator, Ignite, have launched a data exchange initiative for cities and municipalities of all sizes.


The organisations believe data-sharing is crucial for the next phase of smart city applications and want to bring city thought-leaders and industry together to create a blueprint for the secure and interoperable exchange of data that goes beyond city operational boundaries.


Preparing for a smarter future


To analyse and apply data from smart city applications, cities are deploying a wide range of data management platforms to meet their unique needs. For cities to be able to benefit from the next generation of enhanced applications leveraging real-time data and creating a vibrant data ecosystem, the data they collect must be shared in an interoperable and secure way with other cities, adjacent communities, federal/state government agencies, trusted partners, citizens, and application developers.


ATIS and Ignite state that their goal is to position cities for success in leveraging the next decade of smart cities applications.


“Effective sharing of smart cities data can be a great equaliser for communities of different sizes, demographics, income levels and geography,” said ATIS president and CEO Susan Miller.


At this critical point in smart cities deployment, cities are beginning to identify the value of working together and exchanging data to meet the needs of macro-applications across regions, resiliency demands, and interoperability concerns driven by coordination with other government agencies.

“Sharing data is how smart communities will continue to grow, improving economic development and quality of life”

The cities participating with ATIS and US Ignite will lay a foundation for the development of a data-exchange specification to meet these concerns and map the evolutionary path forward. It will include a data-sharing framework, data formats and protocols, security and privacy requirements and common APIs.


While primarily focusing on data exchanges, the work will also help cities advance toward participating in robust data marketplaces, which fully enlist the private sector and promote new business models for trading, owning and optionally monetising the data they collect.


“Sharing data is how smart communities will continue to grow, improving economic development and quality of life,” said Nick Maynard, chief strategy officer of US Ignite. “But we can only achieve that reality by collaborating on issues of technology, security, privacy, and usability.


"Working with ATIS, it’s our goal to help ease the transition to a smarter data-sharing society. We may not have all the solutions today, but through this program, we can act as a guide through the process by aggregating resources and best practices, defining technical standards, and consolidating efforts already underway in communities around the country.”


The work has a fast-tracked target completion date of spring 2019.


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