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Slew of new IoT services from AWS

The company is also bringing machine learning to the edge for its web services customers

AWS customers can make use of a raft of new functions for IoT development
AWS customers can make use of a raft of new functions for IoT development

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced six services and capabilities for connected devices at the edge.


The company’s aim is to make getting started with Internet of Things (IoT) as easy as one click, enabling customers to onboard and easily manage large fleets of devices, audit and enforce consistent security policies, and analyse IoT device data at scale.


The new services and capabilities are AWS IoT 1-Click, AWS IoT Device Management, AWS IoT Device Defender, AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon FreeRTOS, and AWS Greengrass ML.


FreeRTOS is an operating system that extends the functionality of AWS IoT to devices with very low computing power such as lightbulbs, smoke detectors, and conveyor belts. Greengrass ML Inference is a new capability for Greengrass that allows machine learning models to be deployed directly to devices where machine learning inference can be run to make decisions quickly, even when devices are not connected to the cloud.


At scale, IoT solutions can grow to billions of connected devices. Today, this requires customers to spend time onboarding and organising devices, and even more time integrating multiple systems to manage tasks like monitoring, security, auditing, and updates.


Building solutions for such tasks is time-consuming and easy to get wrong, and integrating third party solutions is complex and may introduce hard-to-detect gaps in security and compliance, according to AWS.


Once a device fleet is operationalised, analytics is often the next challenge customers face. IoT data isn’t the highly structured information that most existing analytics tools are designed to process.


Real-world IoT data frequently has significant gaps, corrupted messages, and false readings, resulting in the need for customers to either build custom IoT analytics solutions, or integrate solutions from third parties.


AWS IoT Device Management and IoT Device Defender simplify onboarding, managing, and securing fleets of IoT devices, while IoT Analytics aims to make it easy to run sophisticated analytics on the data generated by devices.


“The explosive growth in the number and diversity of connected devices has led to equally explosive growth in the number and scale of IoT applications. Today, many of the world’s largest IoT implementations run on AWS, and the next phase of IoT is all about scale as we’ll see customers exponentially expand their fleet of connected devices,” said Dirk Didascalou, VP IoT, AWS.


“These new AWS IoT services will allow customers to simply and quickly operationalise, secure, and scale entire fleets of devices, and then act on the large volumes of data they generate with new analytics capabilities specifically designed for IoT.


With Amazon FreeRTOS, we’re making it easy for customers to bring AWS IoT functionality to countless numbers of small, microcontroller-based devices. And, customers have also told us they want to execute machine learning models on the connected devices themselves, so we’re excited to deliver that with AWS Greengrass ML Inference.”


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