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Smart lampposts could save €2.1bn

Innovative smart lampposts use between 50-70 per cent less energy than conventional streetlighting

 €3bn is currently spent on streetlighting across Europe
€3bn is currently spent on streetlighting across Europe

Europe could save up to €2.1bn every year if it upgraded its ageing streetlight network with smart lampposts, according to analysis by Sharing Cities, a Europe-wide smart cities programme.


At present, €3bn is spent on streetlighting across Europe annually and implementing new smart lampposts, which use between 50-70 per cent less energy than conventional streetlighting, could reduce electricity consumption to €900m.


As well as more efficient lighting smart lampposts can perform a range of tasks including monitoring air pollution and guiding drivers to empty car parking spaces.


Smart lampposts can also use data to help cities tackle the chronic congestion problems that are stifling economic growth and driving up air pollution levels.


With some 75 percent of all streetlights across Europe more than 25 years old there would also be cost savings in reduced maintenance costs.


“Smart lampposts are a win-win. They help slash energy bills for taxpayers and make cities a more pleasant environment in which to live and work,” said Nathan Pierce, programme director, Sharing Cities.


“Smart lampposts generate massive savings equivalent to employing tens of thousands of doctors or nurses every year. It’s key that cities embrace smart lampposts in a bid to free up money to be spent on vital public services.”


He continued: “The latest generation of smart streetlighting is helping to tackle some of the issues that city mayors have grappled with for decades. Smart lampposts represent an ingenious way of tackling chronic problems like air pollution and traffic congestion.”


EU smart cities programme Sharing Cities is pioneering the delivery of smart lampposts in six cities across Europe.


Sharing Cities is testing smart lampposts with a range of functionalities. The programme is testing more than a thousand innovative new lampposts, with the aim of delivering initial scale-up of up to 56,000 units. It is hoped the test will then be replicated in hundreds of cities across Europe.


Sharing Cities is focused on six cities across Europe. These include lighthouse cities London, Lisbon and Milan. The programme is also delivering solutions in fellow cities Bordeaux, Burgas, and Warsaw.


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