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Smart safety for cyclists

Two brothers passionate about cycling are using technology to give fellow cyclists the same level of safety afforded to vehicles

The rear view feature of BEAKOR's smartphone app
The rear view feature of BEAKOR's smartphone app

A smart connected device to be launched early next year aims to drastically improve the safety of cyclists, especially those in cities and urban areas.

BEAKOR can be mounted on any bicycle and incorporates a range of safety features, front and back HD cameras and a smartphone application that can send an alert to an emergency phone number in the event of an accident. It features two wireless modules on the front and back which can be easily attached and detached and one remote control.

Speaking to SmartCitiesWorld, Ludovic Kessas explained that he and his brother Sébastien from Toulouse are both passionate about cycling and technology and wanted to develop a product that offered cyclists the same safety afforded to vehicle drivers and passengers.

"So we have built in this level of safety and more by incorporating the features of a connected object," he said, adding that a growing population of cyclists is a natural part of any smart city.


"Because of the health, greener and money-saving aspects, we can expect to see more regular and electric bikes on the roads.

"Cities are investing money in cycling lanes but there are still a lot of safety issues for cyclists, mainly to do with other vehicles. We aim to bring safety through innovation," he said.

Statistics show that one in every 1,000 cyclists will experience an accident this year and three-quarters of these happen in urban areas. The severity of accidents has increased with 15 per cent of them being severe or fatal.

There are three pillars to BEAKOR’s safety strategy and technology:

  • See and be seen: includes anti-blind spot; automated brake light; LEDs and ground laser turning indicators; strong headlamp; and distinctive front and back blinkers.
  • Video recording system: includes front and back HD cam; safety looping and continuous recording.
  • Smartphone application: includes live ìmirrorî view; accident alert system; live video cast; live cycling metrics; social networks connectivity; anti-theft alarm; and two types of horn signal.

"Some of these features are disruptive and not yet on the market," said Kessas. "For instance, a cyclist can quickly look down at a smartphone to see what is happening behind which avoids having to turn around and jeopardise their balance on the bike."

BEAKOR has been a year in the making and teams from China, France, India, Israel, Russia and the US have contributed to its development.


"There are many features and technologies involved and we decided to go for the best team we could find for each of them. There are no boundaries for finding the right people now," he added.

The brothers have both invested money in the company but are starting a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in early September to finance the first production batch. Launch is scheduled for February 2017 at a price of $349.




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