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Top smart companies named in new index

The index combines research, quantitative metrics analysis, and expert analyst due diligence

"Far-off futuristic urban innovations" are being made  a reality
"Far-off futuristic urban innovations" are being made a reality

GE, Intel and AT&T have been named as the leading three companies for innovating and serving the needs of cities and municipalities in a new study.


A total of 40 companies were included in the evaluation for the Smart Cities Index carried out by Compass Intelligence.


“From smart homes to smart nations, recent technological advancements and ambitious partnerships are marking seemingly far-off futuristic urban innovations a reality, dramatically changing how citizens, companies, and governments interact,” said Jarrod Russell, senior analyst, Compass Intelligence.


“These digital communities and cities are looking for an improved user experience—instant access to services, better routing of traffic, improved safety through real-time information, and, more generally, the use of technology to improve daily life and enhance urban sustainability in every sense of the word.”


He continued: “By 2020, the global smart cities market will climb to $1.4 trillion, with the industry rapidly evolving to integrate technology into infrastructure, mobility, surveillance and security, lighting and access control, and other community-oriented areas.”


Based on a proprietary research framework and model, GE, Intel and AT&T companies scored roughly 85 to 91 points out of a total of 110 points per the index.


Five companies were placed or recognised in the A-list in smart cities watchlist. Other companies making the top 15 include Microsoft, Amazon, Honeywell, IBM, Google, Cisco, Huawei, and Schneider Electric.


The top 15 companies ranked in the Smart Cities Index and their scores are listed below:

  1. General Electric - 91.4
  2. Intel - 87.0
  3. AT&T - 84.7
  4. Microsoft - 84.6
  5. Amazon (AWS) - 84.6
  6. Honeywell - 84.5
  7. IBM - 84.4
  8. Google - 84.2
  9. Cisco - 84.1
  10. Dell - 81.4
  11. Ericsson - 80.9
  12. Qualcomm - 80.5
  13. Huawei - 76.9
  14. Verizon - 75.6
  15. Schneider Electric - 75.4

Compass Intelligence’s A-list index is a research framework using economic indicators, vendor tracking analysis, firmographics, market metrics, quantitative tracking, and data analytics to provide a scoring and ranking system for vendors in the mobile, IoT, and emerging technologies markets.


The index combines research, quantitative metrics analysis, and expert analyst due diligence.


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