WISeKey launches IIoT chip

Objects connected to the vertical platform can develop their own cybersecurity behaviour and make smarter, safer decisions

The IIoT chip forms part of WISeKey's IoT cyber-security vertical platform
The IIoT chip forms part of WISeKey's IoT cyber-security vertical platform

WISeKey has introduced a security chip for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.


Forming part of the company’s cybersecurity vertical platform, the chip embedded with cryptographic Root of Trust (RoT) and machine learning capabilities will allow IoT devices to organise themselves into trusted networks.


This new technology enables IoT connected devices which can provide a recognised identity and a valid integrity report to communicate with peer devices within the community.


This new capability will enable authenticated sensor data. Currently, most IoT devices are not built with embedded secure systems, which makes these devices vulnerable to exploits, said WISeKey. By integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the IoT hardware and platform, objects connected to the vertical platform can develop their own cyber-security behaviour and make smarter and safer decisions.


According to WISeKey, the technology creates a platform that helps connected devices to become intelligent devices that can learn from attacks, defend themselves, and transfer this intelligence to other devices in the network.


“This new platform opens up many possibilities for improving the overall security functionalities and creating new business processes by taking advantage of the world of digital identification at the object level, which once combined with big data allows us to gather and process all available information and generate actionable insights,” said Carlos Moreira, founder and chief executive of WISeKey.


The platform allows the IoT device equipped with these chips to send authenticated data to the cloud using a dual factor authentication at the device level. WISeKey said imagine a smartcar sending authenticated data of each component of the car to predict when these parts will require maintenance and to digitally sign all the logs required to prove that service was provided.


This platform which can be used in different industrial applications allows optimised productivity across industries through predictive maintenance on equipment and machinery, creates truly smart homes with connected appliances and provides critical communication between devices including self-driving cars and smart homes.


“We call this new technology trust of a chip (ToC), which offers a full integration of several key security elements on the chip instead of installing and testing these security elements separately on the device,” added Moreira. “This integration reduces the size of the chip, lowers the cost and increases the level of security as no one can externally access and manipulate the integrity of these chips.”


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