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Omoove security solution for car-sharing services

Service is powered by Octo Telematics secure IoT cloud


Technology is helping to revolutionise the area of car-sharing
Technology is helping to revolutionise the area of car-sharing

The service aims to transform the car-sharing user experience and increase car security

In case of device loss or theft, the digital key will be disabled remotely to avoid misuse


Embedded security software products and services provider, OT (Oberthur Technologies) has partnered with Omoove, a company by Octo Telematics, to offer a new security feature that doesn’t require use of keys or a card for car-sharing services.


The companies will present EasyOpen, a service powered by OT’s secure IOT cloud that transforms smartphones into car keys, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which takes place 27 February to 2 March.


EasyOpen combines OT’s expertise in secure service enablement for smartphones and wearable devices with Omoove’s multiple years of experience in car-sharing platforms and on-board technology.


According to the companies, the majority of car sharing fleet systems have relied on direct communication between components installed in vehicles and a central management system. These purely online systems tended to create latencies for the users, and potentially made the vehicles vulnerable to illicit use.


To offer a superior level of reliability and solve latency issues, EasyOpen introduces the use of a smartphone with near field communication (NFC) technology to manage access to vehicles enabling users to directly interact with the vehicle using a device they already own, even if their smartphone is out of range of network coverage or runs out of battery.


The service can also be extended to any wearable device equipped with an eSE (embedded Secure Element) supporting NFC technology.


“Digitalising and securing the keys in end-users’ devices is the first achievement of the agreement, led by Omoove, focused on shared mobility solutions, and OT, a field-proven expert in securing digital services covering a wide range of smartphones and wearable devices, as well as the automotive space,” said Giuseppe Zuco, CEO at Omoove and Octo Telematics co-founder.


“This is a key asset to offer a ready-to-use and fully-secured solution to Omoove customers, supported by cutting-edge technologies, serving a strong and unique user experience.”


After registering for the service through the EasyOpen application, users will be able to immediately find vehicles in the area using their smartphone and to book one of their choice.


Digital keys will be sent remotely and in a secure way via OT’s secure IoT cloud to the user’s device. Placing the smartphone close to the windshield will then unlock the door. OT’s eSE equipping the NFC receiver installed in the cars will ensure the secure communication between the user’s device and the car and will also enable the remote management of the access rights at the car level. In case of device loss or theft, the digital key will be disabled remotely to avoid misuse, the companies said.



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