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Smart pilot for ScottishPower customers

Moxia Technology’s products are helping the big six utility companies address the country’s energy challenges


Moixa's dashboard will help householders make better use of the energy they generate
Moixa's dashboard will help householders make better use of the energy they generate

Residential energy storage company Moixa Technology and ScottishPower are rolling out a pilot of Moixa’s smart battery Maslow product in customer homes to help them save money and make more use of the energy they generate. The project also seeks to demonstrate how storage technology could address the challenges facing the UK’s overstretched grid.


Moixa has deployed 47 Maslow energy storage systems for ScottishPower in partnership with BillSaveUK. Its GridShare software dashboard enables ScottishPower customers to view energy, battery and solar use in real time on a smartphone or iPad and identify improvement opportunities. This can lead in some cases to over 20 per cent reduction in energy costs.


In pilots with major energy industry partners such as ScottishPower, British Gas, SSE PD, Good Energy, the government (DECC) and direct customer sales, Moixa has deployed 1MWh of its British-manufactured Maslow smart battery system, deployed across 500 sites, combined with solar panels. These smart batteries can be aggregated to provide a range of services and income, using the patented GridShare battery software platform.


Smart batteries mean a revolution for utilities. They are home storage units that enable customers to save money through accessing smart tariffs, store excess solar energy for use during peak hours or share batteries with the grid for a range of network saving benefits.


“Electricity is the only commodity that we can’t store at scale,” said Neil Clitheroe, CEO retail and generation at ScottishPower. “We need to develop more large-scale storage projects, like pumped-storage hydro schemes, but also smaller in-home storage ideas, like Moixa’s smart battery concept. As one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, we plan to take a leadership role in the development of electricity storage. Our work with Moixa and BillSaveUK will allow us to understand how customers interact with electricity storage at home, and how systems like this can be tailored to offer real benefits for customers.”


Moixa has already delivered multiple storage projects for DECC, InnovateUK and many of the other biggest utilities, including British Gas, Good Energy and Co-Operative Energy. It is also working with many of the new utility entrants, to use energy storage to lower customer bills. Other projects include the installation of more that 175KWh of MASLOW storage systems in social housing in Oxford as part of a study with British Gas on new smart tariffs and local community energy flows, and showing benefits in reducing fuel poverty. Meanwhile, 250 storage systems were installed in 2014-15 as part of a demonstration for DECC on storage opportunities across private, social housing and small business, including with Good Energy.


Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, commented: “Whereas renewables such as solar and wind have often been seen as a liability to generation networks, the arrival of storage batteries provides an asset not only to householders but also to the grid which can use batteries for balancing and other services. We will also shortly be announcing closing a round of finance which includes several former CEOs of Big6 utilities, which is great validation of how important energy storage is going to be in the new utility landscape.”


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