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Stockholm uses BlipTrack to ease road congestion

Agency said it can evaluate and validate existing traffic models and make informed decisions

The number of cars on the road in Stockholm is constantly increasing
The number of cars on the road in Stockholm is constantly increasing

Stockholm is adopting queue and flow measurement technology from business intelligence company Blip Systems to help alleviate congestions and provide road users with more accurate, live traffic information.


The number of cars on the roads in the Swedish capital is constantly increasing leading to higher congestion, reduced road accessibility, and increased environmental pollution.


Therefore the city is using the Denmark-based firm’s BlipTrack queue and travel time measurement technology to increase travel time transparency, reduce environmental impact and optimise traffic flow as well as provide a detailed, up-close analysis of ongoing issues.


The solution is primarily based on measuring the movement of Bluetooth and wi-fi-enabled devices in cars. It provides the city with both real-time and historic traffic information, including detailed statistical information on the travel times, average speeds, dwell times, and movement patterns.


The analysed data is also used to display live traffic information via traffic information hub on around 40 variable message signs (VMS) signs placed around the city.


“We use the data for measuring the development in traffic density, speed and congestion,” said Otto Astrand, traffic analyst at road traffic agency Trafik Stockholm. “With BlipTrack we are able to measure the capacity and traffic flow in real-time in and around the area.”


According to the agency, if traffic build-up does occur, it will allow it to take proactive steps to initiate counter measures. It will also help it to understand traffic-related matters, such as the impact of traffic control, weather patterns, congestion patterns at roadworks, accidents and events, and driving behaviours.


With this information, the agency said it can evaluate and validate existing traffic models and make informed decisions about where to prioritise expansions and optimisations to help the daily commute.


“We are always trying new technologies for traffic monitoring and BlipTrack complements our other sensors and data sources very well. The ability to measure travel times, monitor queues and perform origin/destination analysis convinced us to adopt the solution for Stockholm,” added Johanna Karlsson, CEO of Trafik Stockholm.


“The ability to detect and mitigate disruptive events offers significant economic benefits through reduced travel times and fuel consumption, as well as environmental benefits due to reduced CO2 emissions, and improved air quality.”


Stockholm joins a host of other major cities, including Bangkok in Thailand, Zürich in Switzerland, Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark, Portsmouth and Port of Dover in the UK and most of New Zealand, which use the solution to measure and optimise how road users travel and use the city´s roads.


BlipTrack is also implemented in more than 25 international airports including New York, Cincinnati, San Diego, Amsterdam, Dublin, Manchester, Copenhagen, Auckland, Brussels, Oslo, and Geneva.


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