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Trip matching and payment app launched

HOPR is launching in Chicago for private and public transit operators and agencies

HOPR can be used to instantly compare and access transportation options
HOPR can be used to instantly compare and access transportation options

US bike-share operator, CycleHop, has announced HOPR, an open platform that aims to provide passengers with easy access and payment to all transit modes available, both public and private.


Users can access local bike-share, ride-share, car-share, trains, buses, and water taxis. Additionally, private transit operators and public transit agencies can use HOPR to promote their services, fill capacity, as well as entice passengers with fare deals.


A beta version of the app is available for use in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Transportation is reportedly the second-highest expense for US households, and it makes up a steadily-increasing percentage of the average household budget.


Simultaneously, riders often experience choice-overload from a crowded mobility space that makes it difficult for them to know what’s available and how to choose the best option to get them to their destination in a timely, cost-effective and sustainable way, according to CycleHop.


By promoting all available transit options in a given area and facilitating payment within one app, HOPR aims to empower passengers with real-time information to make their trips quicker, easier and more affordable


“Having made cities across the country more accessible through our pioneering bike share programs, we’re now expanding our services to provide a tool that improves access to daily transportation in all of its forms," said Josh Squire, founder and CEO of CycleHop.


“There are so many great ways to get around, HOPR makes it easy for you to choose and access rides. We go beyond trip-planning, we do trip-matching.”


The HOPR community is made up of locals and visitors who use the app for their daily commutes, errands, recreation, seeing the sights, and other transportation needs.


It can be used to instantly compare and access transportation on public transit, ride-share, car-share, bike-share, water taxis, scooter rental and beyond with one payment. Users can also earn rides and promotions from the services they travel on most.


HOPR is also an open platform for all private transit operators. By promoting any nearby transit option, the app increases the visibility of services of all types and sizes, helping the operators reach more people on the move and fill vacant seats.


With a simple API, service providers can begin connecting to customers by presenting it as a fully-integrated option on the app, said CycleHop.


Transit data helps cities plan, allocate resources, reduce congestion and come up with new solutions to the biggest mobility challenges they face.


HOPR’s integration of public transit servicesseeks to benefit agencies by providing valuable data that can be leveraged to analyse travel decisions and modify services.


HOPR will be launched in Los Angeles and Ottawa in Spring 2018.



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