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Wifx broadens its LoRaWAN deployment across Europe

The LoRaWAN-based gateway will provide secure data transmission for a range of indoor and outdoor use cases

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The gateway will initially target LoRaWAN outdoor deployment in Europe
The gateway will initially target LoRaWAN outdoor deployment in Europe

Wifx, a provider of gateways and integrated solutions, has selected Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless RF technology for its new Lorix One gateways as it seeks to broaden LoRaWAN deployment in Europe.


According to Wifx, Lorix One is one of the first low-cost gateways which is expected to help rapidly increase the adoption of LoRaWAN-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Its first model targets LoRaWAN outdoor deployment in Europe.


“Semtech’s LoRa Technology is an ideal platform to help rapidly grow the use of IoT applications,” said Sébastien Audriaz, CEO of Wifx. “We chose LoRa Technology since its long-range, low-power capabilities gives our users a competitive advantage in their respective industries.”


The gateway is small, high performing, easy to deploy, and can be adapted to all climates with IP65 and IP43 enclosure options, said Wifx. This flexibility allows the gateway to be used in multiple of use cases including monitoring soil temperature in rural areas and controlling a smart building’s temperature for energy savings.


“With the evolution of IoT applications, there is a need for low cost, easily deployable IoT technologies including LoRaWAN gateways, so users can quickly and easily collect data from LPWAN sensors without worrying too much about the cost of deployment” said Vivek Mohan, director for Semtech’s wireless and sensing products group.


“Lorix One gateway, based on Semtech’s LoRa Technology, provides vertical markets, including smart cities, smart building, smart agriculture, smart supply chain and logistics, and smart metering, long-range, low-power capabilities for next generation IoT applications in any environment.”


The gateway is currently available in Europe and expected to be released in the US by late-2017.



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