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SmartCitiesWorld City Profile – Adelaide


“Adelaide is the fifth most livable city in the world,” says Peter Auhl, the city’s chief information officer. “Our ambition is to become the first really livable, citizen-centric, smart city of the 21st century.”


Adelaide City Profile Report - in association with Schneider Electric
Adelaide City Profile Report - in association with Schneider Electric

Welcome to the third in our series of SmartCitiesWorld City Profiles, our editorial channel that explores the world’s leading cities and their strategies to achieve smart living.


With the world’s population expected to reach 10bn by 2056 – 7bn of whom will live in urban areas – learning how to live smartly is not an option for cities, it is a necessity.


The purpose of this series is to explore individual cities, identify their particularly pressing challenges and examine how they are using technological innovation to manage them. These profiles are not frozen in time – they are dynamic, being updated, as and when new initiatives, innovations and policies are introduced.

In many of the world’s cities, the demographic crisis means too many people living in too little space and crowding into too few public transport services. Yet Adelaide, like the state of South Australia, needs more people, not less, to stimulate economic growth.


Smart Transport Project - Adelaide
Smart Transport Project - Adelaide

The Challenges for Adelaide:

  • The city needs more new economy start-ups to compensate for the decline in manufacturing, which now only accounts for 6.2% of its economy.
  • The ‘hub and spoke’ design – in which Adelaide’s central business district is fed by outer suburbs – needs to evolve to a more integrated network of ‘villages’
  • Profile. Adelaide can’t attract enough big business investment if it remains Australia’s “invisible city”.
  • Geography. The nearest big city, Melbourne, is 654km away. The 10GG data network could help overcome that.
  • More than half of the 514,735 households in Greater Adelaide have two or more cars and official figures indicate that speeds on arterial roads reduced by 13% between 2000 and 2016.
  • 80% of the population drive to work while on 7% use public transport

Adelaide knows where it wants to be 10 years from now – and how it wants to get there. Download this exclusive report by SmartCitiesWorld which is kindly sponsored by Schneider Electric.





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