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SmartCitiesWorld City Profile – Dortmund

In this edition, we focus on Dortmund in western Germany. With around 600,000 inhabitants, Dortmund is the eighth-largest city in Germany and the gateway to the Rhine-Ruhr region in the heart of Europe.


Since its inception in 2016, Dortmund’s smart city initiative has ramped up significantly, particularly in 2018. The work is already gaining international interest and acclaim.


Dortmund is showing what can be done with cross-sector and public-private collaboration, internal culture change and a focus on the citizen.


The German city also has the chance to demonstrate how smart city initiatives can be transformative for communities – not only making life easier day-to-day but also regenerating the economy of a city and reinventing its image.


With preparatory work complete and a number of pilots and implementations underway, the City of Dortmund shares what it has achieved and learned so far.

In September 2018, the Living City Foundation gave Dortmund a Digital City award, along with Vienna in Austria.


Among other things, the jury praised Dortmund as a city that integrates digitisation into the city development strategy. It was also lauded for the transparency of its processes, innovative approaches to demographic change, smart city co-ordination efforts and more.

Download this report to find out:

  • How Dortmund’s staffing structure contributes to its smart city success – key appointments include the city’s first Chief Information/Innovation Officer and an Ombudsman for Data Value and Data Ethics
  • How Dortmund is engaging its citizens and employees in the smart city transformation
  • How Dortmund is tackling challenges such as congestion and air pollution
  • The role of the Dortmund Smart City Alliance, made of up of over 130 companies and institutions



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