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SmartCitiesWorld City Profile – Milton Keynes


“MK:Smart is addressing infrastructure blockages, developing new service and business models and placing MK at the forefront of new technologies.”


Milton Keynes City Profile May 2018.png
Milton Keynes City Profile May 2018.png

Welcome to the fourth in our series of SmartCitiesWorld City Profiles, our editorial channel that explores the world’s leading cities and their strategies to achieve smart living.


The purpose of this series is to explore individual cities, identify their particularly pressing challenges and examine how they are using technological innovation to manage them.

In this edition, we focus on Milton Keynes, a city designed by its own development corporation, and built, from the 1960s onwards, with seven core values in mind: opportunity and freedom of
choice, easy movement and access, good communications, balance and variety, attractiveness, public awareness and participation and efficient, imaginative use of resources.


Milton Keynes City Profile.png
Milton Keynes City Profile.png

Milton Keynes was designed with a specific population in mind: 250,000. That milestone has been achieved. The question now is, can it keeping growing without the “acute inconveniences” that mar many fast-growing cities.

Download this report to find out:

  • Why Milton Keynes smart city projects do not have their budget underwritten by central or local government.
  • How it relies on a consortium of public, private and academic leaders (notably BT, Samsung, Huawei, Tech Mahindra and ZTE) and winning public finance for specific projects.
  • How Milton Keynes is driven by a consistent vision
  • How Milton Keynes plans to virtually double its population by 2050, without placing an intolerable burden on its infrastructure, and impairing the quality of citizens’ lives – while also reducing its carbon footprint
  • How Milton Keynes continues to inspire so many urban developments elsewhere, notably in China and India.



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Read our City Lights profile to meet Geoff Snelson, Director of Strategy and Futures at Milton Keynes Council, who is responsible for creating a long-term vision for the city’s growth to 2050 and leading a suite of major transformational projects to deliver that vision.

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