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White Paper: 5G Application Scenarios

This White Paper gives insight into 100 different 5G applications across 14 major industries, including industrial internet, smart energy, smart transportation, and smart healthcare.

White Paper: 5G Application Scenarios

5G is leading converged innovation, stimulating a new type of information consumption, and fueling a fresh wave of industry upgrades and sustainable economic growth.


The road ahead for 5G development will be long and full of challenges; only with concrete planning and action can we empower 5G to meet its full potential, connecting all people and transforming industries in an era of new possibilities.


As the world’s largest telecom operator in terms of network size and customer base, China Mobile is continuing to play a leading role in the construction of global 5G networks, the promotion of 5G applications in various industries, and the delivery of user-centric 5G services.


This White Paper covers:

  • 5G Smart Cities
  • 5G Industrial Internet
  • 5G Smart Energy
  • 5G Smart Transportation
  • 5G Smart Healthcare
  • 5G Smart Finance
  • 5G Smart Media
  • 5G Smart Campus
  • 5G High Altitude IoT for Aircraft and Aviation
  • 5G Smart Agriculture
  • 5G Smart UAV
  • 5G Business Parks
  • 5G Cloud Gaming




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