OnDemand WEBINAR: The open smart city: From strategic vision to reality

Based on new research and case studies, this webinar will explore the journey to more open, interoperable smart city solutions.

OnDemand WEBINAR: The open smart city: From strategic vision to reality


Date Recorded: Tuesday 26 November 2019

Length: 60 mins, including Q&A


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Openness and interoperability are the goal for many cities around the world. There’s a growing understanding that closed systems risk vendor lock-in, duplicated costs and silos, and could hamper what cities can do in the future.


Join this webinar for a snapshot of city sentiment around openness and interoperability, an overview of leading players’ progress and a look at what’s next to move from theory to reality.


A holistic approach to smarter cities is required, including the deployment of systems which interact and ‘talk’ to each other, regardless of the vendor they’re procured from.


However, making that a reality isn’t always easy as cities face many competing pressures relating to the urgency of urban challenges, cost and budget restraints, and even internal culture.


Takeaways from this webinar to learn:

  • Data and analysis from new research by SmartCitiesWorld and uCIFI, looking at the challenges to interoperability, examples of progress and remaining questions

  • A case study from Sibelga, utility provider for the Brussels Capital Region (owned by 19 councils)

  • The vendor’s view on openness and interoperability with Kerlink

  • Insight into how industry leaders are collaborating to create a more open future through uCIFI Alliance, including the latest update on uCIFI’s data model

You will also hear questions answered from the live Q&A.



Bénédicte Collard Webinar Image.png

Bénédicte Collard

Head of Streetlighting

Sibelga (the region of Brussels’ energy utility (owned by 19 councils)

Christophe Orceau Webinar Image.png



Christophe Orceau

uCIFI Alliance

Yannick Delibie, CEO of Kerlink.png

Yannick Delibie, CEO




Sarah Wray



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