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Peer-to-peer carsharing scheme to launch in Moscow

City’s ambitious transport plans also include FacePay on the metro.


Moscow is launching a new car-sharing scheme allowing its residents to rent out their cars when not in use.


The app-based peer to peer initiative will be run by the Russian government, who will profile those who use the service. Every car owner will have full control over who rents their vehicle.


Carsharing is very popular in Moscow, with the city boasting the largest fleet of vehicles in the world – 30,000 owned between eight operators. In the first half of 2019, Muscovites made more than 24 million trips via this mode of transport.

Moscow boasts the largest share of carsharing vehicles in the world.

Moscow deputy mayor Maksim Litsutov also announced plans to unify transport payments making it possible to pay for multimodal journeys that include car sharing through an app.


The Troika smart card, which allows passengers to travel on the Metro, Central Ring, buses, trams and Trolley buses, will now be personalised so if it gets lost, the balance can be easily restored.


Commuters will also be able to use Face Pay at every metro station by spring 2021. Moscow is currently setting-up and testing the technology and Litsutov said it will be the first city to have fully implemented it by the time it goes live.

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