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Picking up the right signals

The company has also added coverage for traffic signals in Manhattan, New York City

Connected Signals has coverage in three of the top 10 US cities, including New York
Connected Signals has coverage in three of the top 10 US cities, including New York

Connected Signals, a provider of real-time, predictive, traffic signal information for connected vehicles and other applications, has introduced a system for visual detection of traffic signals for connected and autonomous vehicles.


Designed to work on its own or in conjunction with the company’s real-time, predictive, traffic-signal data streaming services, the vision system recognises traffic signals in real time, 4K, 30 FPS video using standard CPUs.


Connected Signals claims that, with an accuracy rate of better than 98 per cent, signals can be detected under a range of conditions, including daylight, night, rain, clouds, and glare.


The system does not require the location of signals to be known in advance, and recognises flashing signals due to the 30 FPS frame rate.


Connected Signals will show a video demonstration of the system at its booth during the ITS World Congress in Montréal (29 October-2 November), as well as offering members of the press and other key individuals a limited number of in-vehicle demonstrations on Montréal streets during the conference.


The demonstrations will combine predictive traffic signal data based on live data provided by the city of Montréal with information obtained from the real-time vision system.


The company receives real-time information on the state of traffic lights directly from municipal traffic management systems using existing infrastructure, and uses proprietary machine learning, statistical, and traffic-engineering technologies to build highly accurate models that predict the behaviour of individual signals over time.


In a separate announcement Connected Signals said it is adding coverage for traffic signals in Manhattan, New York City.


While no other provider of real-time traffic signal data currently has significant coverage for any of the top 10 US cities, the company reports it has data in three such locations: New York City, Phoenix, and San José.


Live data is also available covering: Montréal, Québec; Melbourne, Australia; Salt Lake City; Las Vegas; Portland, Oregon; Christchurch, New Zealand; and other locations.


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