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OnDemand WEBINAR: Blockchain for smart city cybersecurity and data monetisation


Blockchain technology could be a real game-changer for smart cities, allowing a network of connected urban objects, from streetlights and parking meters to waste bins and Wi-Fi hotspots, to be linked together to exchange accurate, secure, immutable information. Outcomes for cities and citizens include increased cybersecurity and new revenue streams.


How does blockchain work? How will it bring additional benefits to cities?

Date Recorded: Thursday 13 February 2020


Length: 60 mins, including Q&A


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This webinar explores:

  • Blockchain for ultimate cybersecurity: According to industry experts, more than 70 per cent of all reported ransomware attacks in the US in the last two years targeted state and local governments. Providing the highest possible levels of data integrity, validity and immutability, blockchain technology makes commissioning and operational procedures over smart urban infrastructures intrinsically secure.
  • Blockchain for new business streams for cities: As well as delivering benefits to citizens and providing better oversight of the city, device-related data could also be monetised and turned into a revenue opportunity. Thanks to the blockchain, data from streetlights, parking lots, waste bins, environmental sensors, and other urban objects can be transformed into tradable tokens. Parking operators, for instance, could buy such tokens to design and offer their own smart parking services.
  • Why open and interoperable urban networks are the foundation for implementing blockchain-based applications and how to get started..


Gianni Minetti  CEO, Paradox En.png

Gianni Minetti

CEO, Paradox Engineering

Paolo Rossi

Director, AEM, a Swiss utility which is testing innovative tools for ‘smart grids’, including blockchain.

Sarah Wray

Editor, SmartCitiesWorld