State of the Nation 2017 - Digital Transformation

We know that infrastructure provides the basic means for moving and connecting goods, resources and people, in turn enabling economic growth and thriving communities. However, population growth, an ageing demographic and increasing demands on physical and virtual connectivity are putting increased pressure on our infrastructure networks and assets.

ICE - State of the Nation 2.jpg.png
ICE - State of the Nation 2.jpg.png

Executive Summary:

Infrastructure is often thought as fixed networks and assets, but the reality of this is changing. We must think about not only the physical asset, but also its digital twin – all the associated data and the information that this can reveal. If we truly consider infrastructure as a service, then making this mental shift is essential. Delivering infrastructure based on outcomes for users drives us toward whole life decisions and recognising the value of the entire data estate.


In this year’s State of the Nation report by the Institute of Civil Engineer, they take a look at the digital transformation of infrastructure; how advances in technology and data processing can be harnessed to revolutionise the design and delivery of the infrastructure services we all rely on. As the UK re-positions its economy on the global stage, improving the performance of our infrastructure networks has never been more important.


This report focuses on three areas where the industry needs to act now, in order to drive the digital transformation. These are productivity, behaviours and resilience. The report also set out where the UK Government can use existing levers, such as the Modern Industrial Strategy, to embed a digital transformation.