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Connected Street Lighting: A smart city starting point


When adopting an open approach, a city needs to start somewhere. Smart street lighting is a great domain to focus on.


Connected Street Lighting: A smart city starting point

A smart city is as much an approach as a physical entity. There is no clear blueprint or fixed set of criteria that a city has to meet before it is called ‘smart’. What is becoming clear, however, is that smart cities are not delivered by any single initiative.


An ecosystem approach is important in order to avoid siloed thinking that is almost certain to lead to lack of interoperability across different systems in the future, affecting a city’s ability to innovate further down the line.


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• Why openness is crucial to delivering future-proof smart cities

• Why smart cities should take a bottom-up approach and the strategies they can use

• How Jakarta created a more transparent and data-driven city for its citizens

• How Guadalajara in Spain used a combination of energy-efficient connected street lighting and remote management to save more than two-thirds (68 per cent) on energy consumption as well as reduce operational costs.





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