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AV: in traditional we trust

More than half of UK drivers reckon autonomous vehicles will be widely available within a decade

Drivers have more trust in traditional carmakers than tech companies
Drivers have more trust in traditional carmakers than tech companies

Purchasers of cars are more willing to trust traditional automakers to build autonomous vehicles (AV) than leading technology firms, a new study finds.


According to research from Inrix, one third of UK drivers (31 per cent) would trust traditional carmakers to build autonomous vehicles, whereas less than a fifth (18 per cent) would trust established tech giants to understand driver perceptions of connected and autonomous vehicles.


“The UK is charging towards a transport revolution and time is ticking for Silicon Valley’s tech giants to address data security and privacy concerns,” said Dr Graham Cookson, chief economist and head of Research at Inrix “Consumers are more aware than ever of keeping their data safe, and the fact that they trust traditional carmakers over tech giants with their in-car data sends a powerful message.


“While UK drivers are more sceptical of today’s tech titans, traditional carmakers still need to do more to show consumers the benefits of their connected, and in the future, autonomous, vehicles to secure a concrete foothold in this highly lucrative market,” he continued. “As connected and autonomous vehicles become an essential part of brands’ business model, the stakes have never been higher.”


According to Inrix, UK drivers recognise the benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles. The most valued benefits are improved disabled and elderly access, increase in free time, and improved safety.


This could explain why over half of UK drivers (54 per cent) believe that in-car technology is more important than the brand of the car when making a purchasing decision and 48 per cent feel the technology is more significant than the car’s performance.


More than half of UK drivers (53 per cent) believe autonomous vehicles will be widely available within a decade, rising to 61 per cent among men, two thirds of under-40s and four fifths of under-21s. However, only 18 per cent of UK consumers think autonomous vehicles will be available in the next five years.


The sentiment in the UK is echoed in Germany and France where only 8 per per cent and 13 per cent of drivers, respectively, trust technology giants to secure in-car data. In contrast, 30 per cent of US and 31 per cent of Italian drivers have confidence in Silicon Valley.


A total of 5,054 respondents from five countries took part in the survey, representing the driving population and reflecting ownership of the largest automakers and premium brands, including Ford, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Respondents, all owned a vehicle under four-years old.



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