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Our Mission

SmartCitiesWorld’s mission is to be the world-leading platform for sharing ideas to solve urban challenges that enable us to live in more resilient, sustainable, safe, and prosperous environments.

SmartCitiesWorld provides a quality, comprehensive and current global content resource for urban leaders and their partners.


Through our platform, we encourage the smart city ecosystem to share their experiences and learn from each other.


SmartCitiesWorld enables connections between smart city challenges, solutions, industry peers, suppliers, and partners at your desk on the move and at our events.


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Our Values


SmartCitiesWorld understands the importance of values in a business and so do our employees. That’s why we asked our employees to define and write our values. These demonstrate the ethos you will experience when dealing with SmartCitiesWorld and the principles we hold close to our hearts.



Smart cities need a full ecosystem of partners to succeed and through collaboration, challenges can be better understood and overcome more effectively.


Resources are not infinite and ecosystems need to be truly sustainable in order to work effectively for its inhabitants.


An open approach to ideas and technologies builds trust and provides the platform for real collaboration.


Listening to and engaging all voices increase the diversity of thought and generates more favourable outcomes.


Always asking how we can improve what we do and how we do it makes us more resilient and adaptable.


Bringing people together is a more efficient way to learn. A challenge shared is a challenge halved.


We love what we do, which makes all the other values work.