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Blockchain to bring clean energy to developing areas

The company builds privately owned decentralised power plants but is also developing an advanced blockchain-based operating platform

ARG's modern power plants provide low-cost renewable energy such as wind and solar
ARG's modern power plants provide low-cost renewable energy such as wind and solar

Alternative Resources Group (ARG), a US-based energy project development company, is using blockchain to decentralise power grids and bring much-needed clean energy to developing countries.


ARG constructs privately owned decentralised power plants in geographic areas that would otherwise be decades away from access to traditional power grids or sufficient supply. Combining innovative systems, ARG’s modern power plants provide low-cost, cleaner renewable technology, including solar and wind. The coordinated system is backed up by both natural gas co-generation and advanced battery storage to guarantee power whenever it is needed.


The company is also developing an operating platform that manages a secure smart grid system using an advanced blockchain backbone and digital ledger technology. It will tokenise large energy infrastructure projects to bring clean energy to regions of the world that historically have had challenges in getting competitive rates for traditional finance to fund these types of projects.


It is building modular micro refineries that process waste gas from oil exploration and convert it into a useable fuel, including jet fuel, gas, diesel and LP. These ultra-low emission refineries help ARG attain its goal of reducing emissions in energy production by 50 per cent.


"Investors attracted to ARG see the company as a paradigm changer that offers a simple but powerful premise – ’Power anywhere in the world. Anytime’," says Michael Lumbley, project development director for ARG. "A major shift is underway in the way companies around the world find the electricity they need to operate. The change could lead to an increase in manufacturing companies in new areas around the world, creating lower-priced consumer goods. Even better, it provides cleaner power."


He added: "With the global need for energy predicted to double by 2035, it means the whole world is now open, with opportunities for new areas in the US and smaller countries to enter the power production game. This advance in energy infrastructure not only drives development in impoverished areas, it brings cleaner, renewable energy to the planet."


Lumbley points to along the border of Mexico where power grid operation can be unreliable. He said market reform has sparked new investment from other countries, and approved companies continue to move forward under Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador but inconsistent power supply is severely hampering progress.


ARG claims its new system of energy production offers a reliable way to stabilise the power grid for everyone in the region and that the system is attracting attention from major industries, including maquiladora companies that partner with major manufacturers from the US.


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