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Dutch city deploys “light on demand”

Solution allows for “light on demand” or dynamic light levels that reflect human presence and citizen needs

The intelligent lighting has been installed in areas such as public roads and pedestrian zones
The intelligent lighting has been installed in areas such as public roads and pedestrian zones

The historic city of Helmond in the Netherlands has rolled out a Tvilight motion-sensing light control system at various locations throughout the city, in combination with a broad range of luminaire types.


Following a pilot installation in 2013, the CitySense connected intelligent lighting solution with integrated smart sensors has been installed in areas such as public roads, residential neighborhoods, pedestrian zones, parking lots, and bicycle paths, allowing for “light on demand” or dynamic light levels that reflect human presence and citizen needs.


“Our intelligent lighting solution creates a flexible digital infrastructure that will evolve together with the city’s needs and that allows Helmond to add new exciting applications in the future, such as sensors that can monitor noise, traffic or weather conditions and adjust the light accordingly based on analysed data,” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Tvilight.


The integration of new additional applications via the Tvilight open application programming interface (open API) will further leverage the value of the connected public lighting infrastructure in Helmond.


Prior to installing the motion-sensing light control system, the city reported it had been struggling to match illumination levels to the needs of the citizens.


“The trick is to get the right amount of lighting instead of letting the lamps burn all night long. Tvilight helped us solve this problem,” said Alfred Groote, manager public lighting at the city of Helmond.


“Thanks to CitySense lamps brighten up when there is someone on the street. There is always enough light for everyone and it helps us save money, achieve our environmental goals and improve safety in the city.”


Other key benefits of the connected intelligent street lighting solution include energy savings, remote control of public lighting, and the system’s capacity to act as an open, flexible, and future-proof foundation for new smart city developments.


“Sustainability is important for us and that’s why we’ve been looking for ways to save energy and reduce the CO2 footprint,” added Groote.


“Besides this, what we ultimately want is a livable and safe city for everyone. That’s why public lighting is so important—because people enjoy living in the city only when they feel safe and comfortable.”


Helmond, North Brabant, has a population of some 90,000 and more than 25,000 lighting points. The city is known as a knowledge hub and a living lab for the automotive industry, where many companies design, develop and launch innovative new transport technologies.


The municipality pays close attention to public lighting and uses it as a powerful medium to improve citizen comfort, public safety, and overall livability of the city.


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