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Off-grid system powers lighting in historic Moroccan city

It marks the first phase of a major project expected to comprise around 5,000 smart off-grid streetlights eventually

The city of Settat in Morocco is an important regional centre for the country
The city of Settat in Morocco is an important regional centre for the country

Logintek Morocco is using Smart Off-Grid technology from Clear Blue Technologies to power 800 Idsud Energies solar and wind-powered street lights in Settat city, Morocco. This is phase one of a multi-phase project expected to total almost 5,000 Smart Off-Grid streetlights.


Logintek is a national private network of integrated logistics and industrial cities, created by Zinafrik Development Group and intended to act as transit hubs for Morocco and to the rest of Africa.


The technology for the project has been installed in collaboration with renewable energy company Idsud Energies which will use the platform to manage and monitor the street lights.


The platform provides extensive management and control capabilities, automated monitoring and alerts, proactive weather-forecasting, and the ability to optimise systems remotely. According to Clear Blue, Smart Off-Grid technology keeps off-grid systems running, prevents outages, and enables remote maintenance and troubleshooting when needed to quickly resolve any issues.


The result is long-lasting system performance, and a reduction of up to 80 per cent in installation and maintenance costs, the companies claim. Using Smart Off-Grid, Clear Blue will manage, control, and maintain all 800 of Idsud’s solar and wind-powered lighting systems.


“Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid technology, management service, and expertise have been important keys for the success of this nheolight project over the six-month installation period,” said Antoine Ettori, joint general director of Idsud Energies.


“In collaboration, we installed all systems as the streets were constructed, and on a daily basis were notified by Clear Blue of any issues and fixes needed for the next phase. Today, 100 per cent of the systems are operating properly.”


“Clean, managed, ‘wireless’ power is at the core of our company’s vision. Idsud Energies is becoming a leader in renewable energy and we are excited to be partnering with [it] to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective street lighting for Logintek Morocco and elsewhere,” added Miriam Tuerk, co-founder and CEO of Clear Blue.


Clear Blue Technologies aims to meet the global need for reliable, low-cost, solar and hybrid power for lighting, telecom, security, Internet of Things devices, and other mission-critical systems. It claims to have an installation base of around 4,000 systems under management across 34 countries, including the US and Canada.


Idsud Energies, based in Marseille, France, engages in the research and development of small 3D proximity wind turbines and outdoor lighting solutions to transform wind and solar energies into public lighting.


It also offers self-reliant wind powered lampposts; telemetering solutions that simplify the remote management of stock; and nheosecure applications that allow equipping installations with security cameras, presence detector, dissuasion lighting, and siren on presence detection.


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